Tuesday, July 17, 2012

determination of a controversy over Ramadan in Indonesia

Already becoming a general discussion of materials, since in recent years in our country that often is not compact in the determination of one Ramadan. Each group considers the correct opinion. Let us consider the opinion of each. There are different groups in the initial determination of Ramadan. The first group, in the early months of using the method menetapak reckoning. They use arguments that are considered very powerful and can dipertanggugjawabkan. among them: A. "It is He Who made ​​the sun shine and the moon shone and his set-manzilah manzilah (the places) for her, that you know the number of years and the count (of time). So God did not create it but with the right]. He explains the signs (of his greatness) to people who know. " This sentence says that mathematics is a valid method used to determine the beginning of the month. Because God set the sun and the moon with the passage of a definite and regular circulation, can sehigga to set the beginning of the month by means of suction. Two. Today, almost everyone has used mathematics in the practice of worship, khussunya is a time of prayer. We know the time of prayer this day at 12.00 dhuhur is of reckoning. When we are using mathematics to the time of prayer, we can manipulate to setting a Ramadan. Current astronomy has developed very sophisticated. Equipment is very sophisticated and modern astronomy, so the possibility of error in the reckoning is very small. 4. Messenger Hadith which states; صوموا لرؤيته, ru'yah in the hadith is not a visual means of knowledge with the eyes. So while sure, with knowledge, to be fast. While science is none other than the mathematics. The second group, which argued that the establishment is a must with Ru'yah ramadan not reckoning. They use arguments and argument-argument that is no less strong. among them: Prophet Muhammad set a Ramadan is the reckoning, but with ru'yah. Similarly, the friends, tabi'in salafussoleh to the priests and schools. They are more worthy to follow. At the time of the Prophet was digunaka calendar is based on science, called the lunar reckoning, but the Prophet did not use the lunar reckoning it as a basis for setting the month. Hadith of the Prophet which states صوموا لرؤيته, based on an expert understanding of language and meaning fukuha see eye to eye, not to count or reckoning. So it is with ru'yah penetpan month instead of reckoning. Regardless of differences of opinion on the above, let us go back to the verse about unity and the unity of command. Persatun is mandatory, while the split is unlawful. With regard to the initial determination of the moon, who is actually entitled to decide? Jumhur scholars said that the right to determine the beginning of the month, both the first two days of Ramadan and the feast is a government / Ulul amri. Not a faction or a certain group or even individuals. It is based on the following arguments: O ye who believe, obey Allah and obey the Messenger (His), and ulil amri among you. then if you are different opinions about something, then refer it to Allah (Al Quran) and the Prophet (Sunnah), if you truly believe in Allah and the Last Day. such that (advantageous) and better in the end. (Surah An-Nisa: 59). Imam al-Qurtubi, in his commentary, quoting a atsar from Sahl bin Abdullah at-Tastari said: Obey your rulers in the seven things: a valid currency, dosing, weighing scales, legal, pilgrimage, prayer of Friday, two days holiday, and jihad "(Tafsir Al-Qurtubi, Juz V, p. 249). He also said: "Humans are always in good as long as they respect the rulers and the clergy. If they respect them, then God will improving world affairs and akhiratnya. And if they are harassing them, God will destroy the world and akhiratnya affairs. "(Tafsir Al-Qurtubi, Juz V, p. 249). 2. Imam Abu Daud mentions a hadith: أن ركبا جاءوا إلى النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم يشهدون أنهم رأوا الهلال بالأمس فأمرهم أن يفطروا وإذا أصبحوا أن يغدوا إلى مصلاهم There are a bunch of people came to the Prophet Muhammad and testified that they had seen the Hilal, then Apostle ordered to break and go to the mosque. This hadith states that the right to announce the Apostle, as a ruler. Because if the caravan is not facing the Apostle would not be announced weeks to break the fast. So the Apostle when it is as ulul amri. Hadith narrated by Imam Muslim; There is a good friend coming to meet Muawiyah Sham on some business, where he got that Muawiyah was berlebaran on Friday, then this friend returned to Madinah and found Abdullah bin Abbas (the Governor) to implement Eid on Saturday. (Although if you look at the position, should Medina who first Eid, but this justu otherwise) are best friends finally asked Abdullah bin Abbas, if we do not go to Muawiyah who berlebaran first. Abdullah bin Abbas replied: No, Thus, the Prophet Muhammad told us. (Narrated by Muslim, No.. 1819). Berdasarka this hadith, that the right to determine the beginning of the bull is the master. the rules we are familiar with the term fiqh حكم الحاكم ملزم و يرفع الخلاف. That decision is binding authority and settle disputes. computation methodology and rukyah are two components which are closely correlated and can hardly be separated. It was not appropriate in the early months of just pure determination using the method rukyah. For, although it has been equipped with a telescope, there are a lot of the problems to be faced, such as the presence of pollution, global warming and the limited ability of the eye, as mentioned above. Vice versa, if it is not appropriate in the early months of the determination of just using the method of reckoning. The most fundamental reason is the empirical fact of this methodology stems from a research astronomers, while the target is the "look" of the sun and moon. Indeed, in light of methodological accuracy, superior to rukyah reckoning. The error rate computation methodology is much smaller than rukyah methodology. However, after any scientific result can never be justified if the end is not in accordance with the facts. Has obvious methodological controversy-reckoning and the applicative-rukyah a matter furu'iyyat (legal branch). Obviously there are differences that do not need to be exaggerated. However, a controversial phenomenon that can not be allowed bagitu course, given the current impact is so significant that arise. Basically ithbat (making) the determination of Ramadan and Shawwal is the right preogratif government (Ministry of Religious Affairs) is authoritative. Moreover, it is clear, the government has been able to accommodate all the aspirations of religious organizations in Indonesia, with each delegation invited to perform at the same time Rukyat reckoning. So, absolutely no one, if the start of each organization is now trying to respect the authority of this government
Demikanlah, the unity of Islam should be enforced. With back to the Qur'an and Sunnah we will be the people wahidah. Hopefully we all get a blessing from Allah SWT. Amien.