Thursday, June 9, 2011

United Kingdom Muslim women to declare Jihad

On Sunday launched ' jihad violence inspired London's City Hall.

The term Jihad Cairo-misconceptions about women in the United Kingdom Muslim efforts to erase all kinds of violence, terrorism and fight against domestic violence, the new campaign has started.

"People ' violence jihad is contradictory statements but our crusade for peace," Sara Khan, Inspire campaign Director said the guardian Monday, June 6th.

Theme "Jihad for violence", campaign, launched on Sunday in all forms of violence with the aim of the fight.

Crime, terrorism, and some of the perpetrators in the name of Islam are trying to justify female genital mutilation, domestic violence, focusing on combating.

New campaign calls from female ending abuse and calls for Islam to become a true virtue to restore man in Islam called for women to hold highlight the high esteem.

"Islam has become synonymous with all things related to violence and women's oppression," Khan said.

"We have not been able to sit back and our religious acts of violence that are used to perform while staying silent thought."

Inspiring global Muslim women's Shura Council; that are produced by ' Jihad for violence ' campaign is a partner in the Islamic United States for the development of the society's programs.

United Kingdom Muslim women to call them, Inspire "cultural crime" women to the proper was founded in 2009.

No terror

Activists their initiative the term ' Jihad long terrorists aiming to restore the hijacked by.

"We are appalled astonishment around the world in a variety of extremist groups by terror of Jihad by distortion," the Group's website said.

"We the leaders of the Muslim community and the Islamic extremists kidnapped Sacred Scripture, a driving wheel, the evil to justify their acts, but actively goodness and justice in the world with the power to recall the Scriptures while urge not to be silent."

Muslim scholars word mentioned in the Noble Qur'an, Jihad, in a good and social injustice and oppression and to remove the evil "struggle" to mean repeatedly affirmed.

Just as the holy war means word Jihad the widespread use of the 9/11 terrorist attacks since the beginning.

Karen Armstrong, all three monotheistic religions, famous and prolific United Kingdom writer Arabic word "Jihad" holy war means just stereotypes.

Pope Benedict XVI Jihad Islamic concepts interrogations and who spread Islam by the sword was the Byzantine Emperor, quoted has aroused international criticism.

Britain Vol 7/7 attack since anti-terrorism law's full brunt of the nearly 2 million who have taken a considerable Muslim minority.

They are Muslims, and other than that for no apparent reason repeatedly by police complained of abuse.

The Financial Times poll for the United Kingdom the Muslims the most suspicious has showed the country recently.

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