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Violence and abuse of Afghan women under the victims of Taliban-like

Violence and abuse of Afghan women as victims under the Taliban
In Kunduz, local leaders the father married his daughter refused to provide it because the family is a member of the acolytes to throw in the mountains. Speaking on local sources of the country's lack of Asianews, civil law and Islamic culture continue poised to human rights abuses. Afghan women in jail on charges of adultery, there are more than 50%.

Kabul (AsiaNews) – women's rights are concerned, as long as Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is better than under the Taliban was dominated by when, stoning, abuse and women arrested for adultery, as shown by the many cases.

Last Wednesday, Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, the press, his three daughters for marriage, the father of one of the gang refused to burn with indignation at the roots, we send a person to the hospital, a family of 5 mountains. Father and eldest daughter to the State.

Afghan police began an investigation, even though they are the perpetrators are afraid to move about, and likely no arrest local sources said. They arise in the case in northern Afghanistan from the Taliban to fight the attacker sets the witness of the gang known as the head of the local militias belonging to the Arbakis said. For these reasons, police and residents, as seen above summary executions, rape, violence, the law and of its members, despite the plethora of accusations.

The evidence is clear. Ten years after the Taliban's radical Islamic and tribal traditions remain in the grip of the country, sources said AsiaNews. Most of the Afghan land only to view the Sharia law. And women who pay the price because they are denied the right to continue school, go get a job or select their husband. They are, they can also be excluded by their family and lose their property.

Womankind worldwide is accused of adultery in recent reports that the United Kingdom Association Tan rather than 50% of women with jade. Incited by the local priest on 10 November Ghazni (138km South-West, Kabul) a group of men in the two women, mother and daughter to death, the alleged adultery charges stone. The attack occurred in some 300 meters from the local police station.

"Sadly, rooted in the inferior status of women, the family tradition," a source said. "Men are considered to be above all things and they are women, who are considered to be a simple reproductive tool does not allow the State's evolution."

The status of women in Afghanistan, Afghanistan is linked to the wrong religion. The Qur'an does not prohibit women's education. "My school is where most of the teachers are women," the source explained. "Many girls go to high school and elementary school. in order to improve attendance level we studied women came to them with their families driving bursaries."

Women's cultural evolution in the city, the city different. Wearing the veil of color uniforms in Kabul, many women can be seen in the school. In just a few kilometers from the capital town, however, the situation is different.

Female education is a strong opponent of Mullahs ". Ten years after the Taliban that they continue to give to the woman, "a little freedom to reject the source explained.

"To change the country in terms of human dignity, we need just a political change during the cultural revolution," the source said. "Many Westerners think like a woman is the Governor's promise good progress. It is not the case. It shows the Government's good intentions – just dressing. "

What's more, "you cannot just stop Western countries to remove the Taliban from power. If you want to change Afghanistan to invest in education as well as security, must be convinced they are the rulers. Only in this way, human dignity and human rights protection society can be promoted. Otherwise, it will remain in the country, behind the United States occupation and the war on terror creating useless for 10 years. "(South Carolina)

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