Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anti-the role of women under Sharia-The Tennessean speakers.

Anti-Sharia Law Conference Wafa Sultan, Syria-born psychiatrist and the author of A God who hate broke for lunch after the speech.

The Sultan from the Muslims talking about the role of women. She is Sharia law as second class citizens is said to deal with women.

She was on a trip to the United Kingdom children's picture by pointing to a mosque public school. The children were brainwashed into being, she said with respect to Islam.

Photos of smiling children but harmless, the Sultan said had infiltrated Muslim West. In the figure, the women, many of them converted to Islam, they lost the rights of d. All the kids when it comes to religion, or dhimmis was seen as second-class citizens.

From the child's point of view, muslim Islam Mohamed s who, she said Butterfly dhimmis.

9/11, 10 years, few Americans want to know a lot about Islam. And that's the problem, the Sultan believes.

When people lie to their Muslim Islamist event where it will have to learn about the s.

Leaves Mostly all cast in light event feel about Islam as a dark, instead of more, she said.

Western countries, Muslim Sharia law do not allow any religious accommodation.

All We who try to abuse our system, she said that you need to create a buffer for Islam. We must stand firm and say shariah.

Earlier today, reporting

Nashville Temple organization front for the Muslim Brotherhood, and have no right to exist, to be held in the Church cornerstone speaker Madison anti-Sharia said at the Conference this morning.

They can't do anything right on the first amendment, John Guandolo, a former FBI agent and said the first conference speaker s. They exist in the law.

The main floor in The Constitution or Sharia Guandolo and approximately 500 people crowd a story?: keep retention-8: 00 pm free Conference speakers.

Rousing rendition of the morning session and then stars and stripes banner of the speaker began with a flurry.

In the United States as their main theme is one of the temple was recruit people to fight the General. Guandolo battle be fought at the local level, said.

We win or lose this war based on what you'll do, he told attendees. ?... The enemy is right here in your neighborhood. "

He says the Federal Government has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood activists.

When national security is at the end of the loop, he damaged Muslim brothers are controlled by said.

Local Islamic Sharia law, ethics, war, often in a court fight David Yerushamli, legal counsel of the Center for security policy.

He called on the Muslim Brotherhood and of lawfare, sued the group, he said, including.

He was criticized for the actions of people they are willing to do it.

Can we wage against the Sharia The lawfare, hard-nose that you want to, he said.

The goal is that you can t win when the Court is to get the evidence in the Yerushalmi said.

Speaker David French, the focus of the United States Center for law and justice is a kind of rubber terrorists. Sharia law debate

In French he s Tennessee court imposed any major manner and not worry about Sharia said.

I can t see that happening any time soon, he said.

But the French will not see the impact of dangerous forms of Sharia being arrested men of planning acts of terrorism and the United States and family members they think women where killing some Muslims families have dishonored and honor killings.

We our enemies, he said, Sharia around us lived out remains to be seen.

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