Sunday, November 13, 2011

The greatest threat to women? law

We have a good, old-fashioned "feeding frenzy," the Herman Cain--maybe, since Dan Quayle's ages. Where the media is someone for everyone 1, and wilding piranhas swim in and talk to all kinds of body gnawed remains. It's especially when the victim is hard to look at yourself in the foot, and joined the shooting but that's another story.

I am more interested in whether or not we finally realized the power or society can draw on "women," sex if Kane, exclusively defined as a group exhibition new conclusion. Attention is being dealt with harassment, judging by the gravity and to the President of the newly popular figure the prices of these pose the risk of running a political right, judging by the women in the role and social status of Mars is the best you can forgive for the conclusion.

But Mars is wrong. Kane-set aside his own political advantage for his team's offbeat and unsatisfactory response-preventing sexual harassment, or manners and customs of the entrenchment validation or has nothing to do with female predators. On the contrary, they beat off a power struggle as usual, conservative leverage available also makes harassment seize that woman left, including. Their hypocrisy in fact Cain himself can't meet or deflect the prices and has been shown, in fact, they may be vulnerable to is compensated for.

As a matter of fact, not the security of women in society, the imperiled men made crude oil proposal or odd, unreconstructed Executive passes. Women's security questions or even alluded to it without accepting that the hate of the aggressive spread of Islam in Western society, is imperiled by.

This is what a rare story or the occasional video online to prove that a massive assault on a girl and a rapidly growing Muslim community, mainly in Europe directly caused — just pay attention to all the mainstream outlets, Herman Cain, calling the alleged comments and gropings many huge things from recent headlines to try to sort through a flurry of strikeouts.

The real question is, does not go away because of the silence. Earlier this year, NRK, Norwegian State television, to identify the perpetrators of rape from Oslo in 2010, 100% non-Western background "male"-were perpetrated by Muslim men from Norway reported a euphemism for the stock. Police this year, additional reporting in 2005 and 2010 NRK can identify the perpetrators of rape in Oslo in Oslo between 86 issued by the research was "male in the drawing, 83." non-Western facade, on the other hand, the victims, mostly young white women-"ethnic Norwegian."Amazingly, this scandal, the native women's asylum and immigration policy terrorize question Government called the store a few headlines.

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The gang also silent until recently quite a bit of a hangover "– mainly Muslims, mainly of the" United Kingdom trimmed Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the practice of "shine" from the very young, usually used for private and native women as sexual props for 10 years-prostitutional old phenomenon. Now the crisis has reached pandemic proportions in the. As many as 10,000 mostly underage girl child victims according to the Office of the Commissioner.

Now what? Telegraph, "according to one academic study found that after much more the need to protect children from sexual exploitation", contact the United Kingdom Government has decided to launch "2." too many chivalric code,.

Where, by the British women tourists of the five men, brutal gang rape and then towns and an example of a recently released protest 6000, Serbian town, according to the better. They held the building Centre in Austria times report, 120 of the 2,500 illegal aliens, until the Government clears school to withdraw their children from.

Welcome to the world, not the post-9/11, but post Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh's ritual murder seven years ago in the heart of Europe will take place this month. It's revenge, said of his assassin, Van Gogh's film "submission," according to Islamic law describing the plight of women. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a screenwriter, has been living under threat since the Islamic death. She was recently "too risky."As the sequel to the concept of giving

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