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' Islam ' United States of America-South Bend Tribune restrained reality show

Nawal Aoude, pediatric respiratory therapist and left her husband, Nader, "all American Muslims," the premier go for a walk in the field from the TLC series Sunday. (Ap Photo/Discovery, September 6, Adam Rose/2011)

TLC's new reality series strange restrained, "all American Muslims," the total number of subjects, from the beginning of naiveté to approach yet to the high expectations. Because, who the Islamic faith regarding the majority of businesses along the United States citizens, as viewers of journalistic conduct modern Muslims assumes that you know absolutely nothing about.

Unfortunately, it's probably still the best place to start. Ten years after 9/11, our communities and knowingly around us everyday, terrorism remain uninformed about the non-Muslim "24" or "homeland"-"ground zero mosque" and other hot-button issue for thorough paranoid when excited by an episode of so easily. The girl from the suburbs at Costco are still in the airport security line hijab she will tell you how to do too much snow.

That way, "all American Muslims," the Sunday night premiere is a much-needed primer, a dozen or so focused on the life of one of the largest deer, Michigan, is one of the most established Muslim communities from across the country residents. There is even a marginalization and assimilation, but this seems like a constant forces asked family and it goes both ways.

Compared to the normal prices of reality (especially in TLC's reality fare, personnel issues, the dwarf, multiple births, obesity-the bakery for the show in recent years towards the washing will do any combination of), "all American Muslims" is not simple and attention.

Perhaps, so be careful-TV. Sometimes there will be a mini-crisis with the acquisition as any human, though in the TV camera crew to pretend to put next to them, invisible whenever "all American Muslims" is primarily an act of public relations. "real housewife of Dearborn"How to avoid

In fact, most of the show's star, the best of them have been cast for the civic and cultural pride. TLC's website in their "family" is a prominent character bios, or "pillars"-Dearborn stake is referred to as old fashioned words you would like to explain here. On the other hand, minor family, husband and father Mike is Deputy Sheriff; Wife and mother Angela as a consultant; They juggle busy lives four young raising kids. They want within 5 minutes of the meeting they can.

No one screams insults thrown or the other, seen here in the genre of action required, because of the propensity of reality has been found. Include the angle of the Touchiest Jeff McDermott, Irish Catholics grew up in Lebanon and Shadia Amen, a well known family coming from a single mother trying to marry the conversion to Islam of the salesman.

Repeat a single sentence, of the amount pledged to convert Arabic Jeff Shadia's parents and family living room, also the site of the couple's traditional Korean wedding ceremony officiated by the mosque imams of the previous event in Amen brother Shadia for the first time in years, covering her head. She has more tattoos and hair dyes pink stripes.

Where McDermott had a good time to learn without relatives, cash bar and Jeff's mother's incredible narrowness and her son's choice and happiness where large wedding reception for the trust are as follows: articulates

"All American Islam 's" subjects, Nina Bazzy-Aliahmad, another more of the named event planner, we come to expect from the cross signal is the adaptation of realityland: she's tanned, blond, wearing a tight mini skirt with Hill, and she dreams of opening a night club, most of the men around her horrible idea for a woman.

Yet somehow, despite the appearance on the show, Nina, at least interesting man. In fact, wearing her hijab-who co-directed with her husband, Nader; and delightful and equitable marriage were forged with his wife, Nawal Aoude named young expected to do can be done. Amen's sisters, Suehaila and Shadia or Samira-tell us about Muslim life and many more.

A new rendition, Jeff daily Ramadan fast (what kind of food or liquid sunset sunrise) and struggle with Shadia's sister Samira hijab, who she says she and her husband to see how seriously trying to conceive that God will be beneficial to return to wearing on the advice of the Imam.

In fact, it's in the first episode "all American Muslims" is largely focused on the belief that the appearance of the hijab-here swear, there is the expression that a quick collapse several hours early, Shadia Jeff break the permissions once the remaining chicken lunging.

Before this is all part of the "cafeteria Catholicism" is one of the rules and must broker a compromise between personal reality is known under the guise of my own religious upbringing, I've seen it in more detail? We head football coach Fordson high school, Fouad Zaban, who works with and how to interpret the decision by the other (the student body is 95% Muslim), Gatorade, cooler at 10 am 5 Ramadan as a workaround to get hold of the team practices?

Yet the show around the principle of non-Muslims, but we are concerned with teaching the Koran. Life is more for style and image. It is an attractive, informative and almost sometimes, but not what we came from adorable thinking as a reality show.


"All American Muslims" Sunday in the premier TLC.

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