Sunday, November 13, 2011

EU's Ashton: Libya should enshrine women's rights-Reuters

EU Foreign Affairs Chief called on Saturday for Libya to ensure gender equality law and in accordance with the progress the country democratic and protected in the Bill that will continue to support the goals of the European Union, he said.

"There should be a new country where discrimination," Catherine Ashton said to an audience of mainly women in Libya also.

Ashton visited Tripoli, Libya, where she was a whirlwind for aid efforts, the Mission of the EU use to adjust speech during the inauguration.

EU general policy, the early days of the revolution in Libya to find. France, United Kingdom, NATO Nations to protect civilians under-mandated military operations carried out on the success of the campaign by rebel actions Libya be crucial.

But the EU has been active since the country for rebuilding efforts. It is the EU, according to diplomats, 155 million euros so far ($ 213 million) donation to humanitarian aid, has been the biggest contributor.

Ashton capital's martyrs square, where she t-shirt and bracelet, pendant to step away from Libya Gaddafi Libya celebrates the liberation of the leader picks up and toured.

She later Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the Chairman of the transitional ruling Council, the country's incoming Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-and, two weeks ago was designated Premier Keib since then is the first Western leader to meet Keib and met.

"This is your country," she said diplomats and representatives of the EU's new mission to Libya. "We are here to help and support."

Her "make sure that the new Constitution enshrines the rights of women." female audience

"You are the practical realities need to find how to set up the law," she added.

She later that equality for women, along with Abdel Jalil told a press conference said "not just ... The right thing to do, "but also" a wise economic legislation ".

The rise of Islamic organizations in Libya, she worries about whether or not you ask, she said: "we hold dear, democracy, human rights, the rule of law and supports the values I believe all of the group."

Last month, next year will apply the new draft Constitution, Islamic law, Abdel Jalil announced that radical Islamic rule in Libya of playing down any suggestion: "Islam is a human life ...To encourage respect for the religion. We are not an extreme Islamic countries. "

There are concerns about the stability of the country's disparate in the hands of armed groups and hundreds of weapons, but Abdel Jalil incoming Government awash with arms and form said they would need to control the national army addressing.

He is expected to announce his Government within a week, and said that Keib.

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