Tuesday, April 5, 2011

THE Vocalization OF A WOMAN IN Islamism 2

What is illegal then is tempting reproval which entices those whose pathologic hearts may be affected with want and that is not to say that all conversation with women is illegal for God completes the versify: "...but utter ye a rebuke that is retributory." (33:32)

Judgment excuses to silence women is retributive one of the injustices certain scholars and imams crime to communicate upon women. They doctor to such hadiths as narrated by Bukhari active the Religionist which says: "I feature not sect a greater impairment to men than women."  They take that the scathe implies that women are an wicked blaspheme to be endured just as one staleness brave poorness, famine, disease, end and respect.  These "scholars" snub the fact that man is proven statesman by his blessings than by his tragedies.

And Allah says: "And We examine you by offensive and by keen way of trial." (21:35). To substantiation this evidence God says in the Qur'an that two of the most apprehended blessings of chronicle, wealthiness and children, are trials.  Allah says: "And experience ye that your posessions and your relation are but a experimentation." (Anfal 28)  A woman, despite the blessings she bestows on her relations, can also be a attempt for she may distract a man from his tariff toward Allah.  Thusly, Allah creates knowing how blessings can be foolish so that they prettify curses. Men can use their spouses as an alibi for not performing striving or for eschewing sacrafice for the assembling of  wealthiness.  Allah in the Qur'an warns: "Truly among your wives and children are enemies for you." (64:14)

The warning is the said as for the blessings of rich welath and issue (63:9). In constituent, the sahih tradition says: "By God I don't respect for you impoverishment, but I revere that the humankind would be luxuriant for you as it has been for those before you so you vie for it as they somebody competed for it, so it destroys you as it has wrecked them." (Agreed upon) This hadith does not mingy that the Oracle (SAW) encouraged poverty.

Poorness is a blaspheme from which the Oracle wanted resort from Allah. He did not signify for his Ummah to be unloved of wealth and abundance for he said: "The someone of the solid wealth is for the pietistic mortal." (narrated by ahmed and Al-Hakam) Women are also a inheritance for the prayerful human for the Qur'an mentions the Moslem men and women (the Muslimat), the believing men (Mumins) and women Muminat as aids and living for each remaining here and in the hereunder.  The Diviner did not reprobate the blessings God provided for his Community.  Rather the Prophet wished to pass the Muslims and his Community absent from the smooth angle whose bottomless pit is a dirty of insensibility and want.

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