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Deplorable murders - Pakistan observer

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Pakistan ObserverAppearing from Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Muzaffarabad & Quetta

Monday, May 23, 2011, Jamadi-us-Saani 19, 1432

  Ambassador?s Diary
Today I want to write on brutal killings of this week, one of the Saudi diplomat in Karachi and the other of the five Chechins, including one 25 year old pregnant woman among them, in Quetta.

Let me first begin with the most condemnable killing aimed at creating mischief between Pakistan and its staunchest friend, Saudi Arabia which as any Pakistani would recall has been ready to help and support Pakistan in its worst times which have been many during the six decades, the Kashmir Case, the Bangla Desh Crisis, the financial crises which have been many, and what not. Ambassador Altaf Shaikh who had organized preparation for the Lahore Summit when he was at the Foreign Office, came to Beirut for certain purchases for reupholstering the Punjab Assembly seats. I asked him who will pay the heavy expenses. He said King Faisal. He was paying all the expenses of the Summit from A to Z Altaf Shaikh said that it was king Faisal?s idea to hold the Islamic Summit in Lahore. so that Pakistan regain its standing and confidence it had lost after its break up into two, and humiliation of military defeat in 1971. I was then Ambassador to Lebanon Saudi Arabia had been ever ready to support us, help us, extend its hand as an example of the proverb a friend in need is friend indeed is Saudi Arabia. This is the history of those decades Pakistan has been in existence But there is a link between two of us from the day Islam was born Makkah and Madina are the beacon of our guidance from that day.. Saudi Arabia is the land of the two Holiest of the Holy Shrines of Islam to which the loyalty of every Muslim is first and foremost, above any thing in the world. To any Muslim .worth the name the Land of the ?Haramain el Sharifan? is the most pious piece of land on this world. When I took my parents to the Hajj driving from Beirut to the Holy Land on entering Saudi Arabia I remember the ecstasy my parents felt on entering the Holy Land. Every speck of dust of Saudi Arabia is sacred to a Muslim.

And here some mischievous man or group of men murder a Saudi diplomat in Karachi, the city with the highest educated population - who know what Saudi Arabia is for us the Muslims. One would have assumed that in Pakistan every brother Saudi is safe and no one could cast a dirty look on him. And here he is murdered!! This is a scandal intended to damage the Saudi relations with Pakistan. No Pakistani would ever murder a Saudi diplomat. Let me say it with confidence that no Karachite would indulge in this heinous crime. Since this murder took place after the killing of Usama Bin Laden the impression the perpetrators of this act wanted to create was that it was a revenge for Usama?s killing. But he was killed by Americans acting on Obama?s orders. This is a strange logic that the killers are Americans and it is a Saudi diplomat assassinated. Silly logic Paul thieves and Peter pays..

It is well known that India?s Raw, US?s CIA and Afghan Khad have sat up a terrorist organization which indulges in activities in Pakistan to give Pakistan a bad name . It is financed, armed and trained by these foreign agencies and acts on their behalf and orders. No Pakistani certainly not any Karachi-ite would do the killing of a Saudi diplomat.

While fully sympathizing with the grieved family and Saudi Embassy in Pakistan one would agree with the Saudis that they should suspend issue of Visa from Karachi Consulate for one full year to give the message to Karachi-ites that they should discharge their responsibilities towards Saudi Arabia in their city.. The Saudi Consulates stopping Visa service from Karachi for one year would send the right signals to the people in Karachi to look after the Saudi Consulate.. The people should care more for Saudi diplomats? safety than the Police Any way we hang our heads in shame on this killing of the Saudi diplomat. It was done by foreign agents abusing our land for their heinous purposes.

Similarly , all accounts of witnesses to the killing of the five Chechins indicate that the Quetta Police hurriedly assumed that ?the foreigners? were terrorists although it seems that they had the possibility of ascertaining the facts before jumping to the conclusion that they were terrorists simply because they were foreigners. The killing of a young pregnant woman who was pleading for safety of her life were disregarded. What a pity it is assumed that any foreign Muslim in Pakistan is a terrorist. Foreign Muslims in Pakistan whether a Saudi diplomat or a Chechin woman are target of every kind of gunmen.

While on the operation of terrorist organizations in Pakistan with most misleading labels one cannot help reminding that the words of the Holy Quran are clear and no Mullah should misinterpret them. The Quran says he who murders a Muslim intentionally will go to the Hell. No ifs and buts, just plain and simple statement that any body who kills a Muslim intentionally will go to the Hell .The Holy Quran says killing one man- unjustly that is- is like killing the entire humanity. Unjust killing is prohibited in Islam. Bombing the mosques, killing Muslims while praying is the act of Devil, , blowing up of the shrines of those who spread Islam and converted millions of locals to Islam cannot be justified by any person . Suicide is so abhorred in Islam that funeral prayer is not permitted on the corps of a person who committed suicide. How all the values of Muslims based on Quranic injunctions can be wrongly interpreted is beyond my imagination. This reminds one of the cult of Hassan Bin Sabah ? the Hashishieye ? who used to brain wash the youth to kill persons on their hit list and tell them that they will go straight to the paradise by killings their enemy Any one who commits suicide dies of haram death . Suicide is haram in Islam. Islam is not a bellicose religion, it is a peaceful religion and indeed it allows the use of force but by an oppressed in defence of his rights.

Unfortunately the fire of revenge is stroked by white countries who in their arrogance of power go on shedding Muslim blood. Latest example is the Crusader West and NATO?s killing sprees on Libya and playing the dirty old game of putting up a bogus group claiming to be the recognized regime against Ghaddafi. Even a child knows that the West has been after the blood of Ghaddafi since decades and has now found its golden opportunity to play a proxy war against him.. Such silly adventures create problems for those who want to eliminate terrorism from their countries. The West is ever ready to put a flame here and a flame there which ignites terrorism. And the terrorists retaliate against innocent helpless Muslims in their lands as the easiest targets So the loser in both cases is the innocent Muslim victim of terrorism To eliminate terrorism the Western Powers also have a responsibility to stop shedding of Muslim blood every now and then here and there.

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