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Fine print: people's Republic of China, Kashmir, a Muslim, and

New Delhi, May 26, 2009 People's Republic of China (IANS), Kashmir's street protests, trying to cope with a woman Secretary of State Henry Kissinger take her past and the ghost from the lottery and we win the teenager's life. Look beyond the obvious book arm road and mid-summer in heat cool off this weekend.

1. book: "people's Republic of China"; Henry Kissinger; Written by Penguin-India; Posted by Rs.899 price

The first full length book, Henry Kissinger people's Republic of China [NULL] writes about the country that has known intimately for decades and whose modern relationship with the West and he helped shape.

The last people's Republic of China leaders and his dialogue as well as drawing on the historical record how people's Republic of China diplomacy, strategy, and history to reach the negotiated and reflected in the results, which for 40 years, Kissinger. In 1949 after the Communist revolution in more than 20 years, China and most of the Western world were no different in the capital, a diplomat and to communicate with each other there is no direct way.

Then, in July 1971, Kissinger secretly arrive Beijing quickly between China and the West has led to a resumption of relations before and after the course of history on a mission to change.

2. book: "my freedom until: when it comes to Kashmir new Intifida"; Sanjay ku; editing by Penguin-India; Posted by price Rs.299

In the modern history of the troubled Kashmir summer 2010 watershed will be remembered as. Civilians of "encounter" killings for protest to get their hands on the street, his only weapon-stone-new generation had courage, attributed an unprecedented display. It is Kashmir's intifada, armed with armed revolt in mass marking a paradigm shift has been called.

This was also accompanied by a written in the incredible explosion in Jammu and Kashmir and Kashmir this old understanding and little defiance of ideas in the new language.

This volume voice anger pieces and also his life rare insight while providing sweeping through the Valley of helplessness caught in the crossfire. Journalists, academics and artists, along with contributions from the book modern Kashmir for timely collection of writing.

3. book: "good Muslims"; Tahmina Anam; Written by Penguin-India; Posted by price Rs.499

Remote hot from Bangladesh pm telegram Maya Haque. 8 years ago a tremendous war torn country of Maya-and her family-apart. She realises it is now back home is the last time. Maya to find all changed.

Her old friend's new money must be tempted, and her city's streets were renamed yearned for her once was free long-forgotten dream.

Worst of all, her beloved brother Sohail be strict religious leaders of his liberal beliefs, and give up being a stranger to her. She and her brother's radicalism and try to come to terms with, it is a good daughter, sisters, friends and citizens-and a good Muslim meant reviewing Maya is forced.

4. book: "scandal secrets"; Jaishree Misra; Written by Harper Collins India; Posted by price Rs.299

.... The perfect marriage, they appeared to be all that attractive, money, a beautiful House, Delhi, Neha and Sharat, the Golden couple. But in the past by Neha is also dark secrets resurface is trying to block her heartbreaking moments in the past.

While studying in Oxford a naive 18-year-old Neha pregnancy and her child again never swearing adoption, babies, a difficult decision.

But now, years later, her little girl-Sonya-now fully grown woman was her birth mother decides to be found. Neha and Sharat's world of rocked the very core of the Foundation and the arrival of Sonja from Delhi will push it over the edge?

And Sonya start Neha confront, mother and daughter to forgive themselves and forget?

5. book: "chopped green peppers, vanilla ice cream"; Sam Mukherjee; Written by Rupa and co; published by Rs.146 price

His parents, when you win the lottery Chinmoy boss, slightly overweight adolescent Kolkata in his beloved uprooted in the neighborhood. Childhood friends was receding and school ceases to be unique.

Despondent teens he most of his life a good friend to meet and nickname, Tiger acquisition arrogant vanilla in the apartment. He savours Kirit, Robin, signal and Pluto 4 spirited boy and his new existence every day.

Vanilla apartment vanilla ice cream is similar to the large block of white cement in multistoreyed behemoth. It houses and wannabes; Island and the Islands. Quidnuncs and vamps equation to complete. Their spicy minced green pepper life like vanilla ice cream and never boring day in the skyscrapers.

His friends and Tiger's travel debate as well as full of admiration. He is one day going to the United States fostered dreams of. But his change process of life-threatening amazing betrayal.

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