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Triggers of "less attractive black women" LSE academic claim row race - The Guardian

LSELSE has launched an internal investigation on Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa claims black women were less attractive than women of other races. Photography: James Barr

At the London School of Economics student groups claim the rejection of a social scientist who has become involved in a row of racism after stating that a study has shown of black women to be less interesting than women of other races.

Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the institution, has published his comments on a blog and claimed that he analyzed data from a study of physical attractiveness online.

In his article for psychology today, Kanazawa wrote: "'..., black women are much less attractive than white, Asian and Native American women." The piece drew a barrage of complaints from readers and has since been removed from the site.

The row has prompted the Senate Union University of London, the legislative body of the union, which represents more than 120,000 students, voting unanimously for dismissal of Kanazawa and condemn his research.

Sherelle Davids, the fight against racism elected officer of the LSE students' union, said: "Kanazawa deliberately manipulates the conclusions justify racist ideology." As a black woman me that its findings are a direct attack on black women everywhere, and which are not in the social ideas of beauty. »

Amena Amer, officer of education students' union incoming LSE, added: "we support the freedom of expression and academic, but fuels research of Kanazawa of hatred against ethnic and religious minorities, promoted by neo-Nazi groups." Not only it it uses the credentials of the London Stock Exchange to legitimize its 'research' but this compromises the academic credibility of the LSE. »

The London Stock Exchange has launched an internal investigation into the comments of Kanazawa senior school, including the new Director, Judith Rees after that academic, received the letters of complaint on comments. Dr. Kanazawa is abroad on sabbatical this year.

The incident is the latest embarrassment for the London Stock Exchange, after the resignation of former Director Sir Howard Davies, in March after admitting that the reputation of the institution had been damaged by the acceptance of a £ 1. 5 m donation to a foundation controlled by the son of Muammar KadhafiSaif al-Islam.

The investigation will focus on data analyzed Kanazawa and the quality of his work, before decide what punitive measures, where appropriate, it may take.

In a statement, the London Stock Exchange has sought to distance itself from the comments of the researcher, but recognized the freedom of academic expression.

"The opinions expressed by this University are its own and does step in no way reflect those of the London Stock Exchange as an institution.". The important principle of academic freedom means that authors have the right to publish their points of view - but it also means that the freedom to disagree. We conduct internal investigations on this issue, "said the statement.

Kanazawa was criticized in the past for lower standards research in the field of race and intelligence.

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