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United Kingdom gender-Temple-Al Arabi

If you live in the United Kingdom today Islam there are many reasons to be blunt. First of all, the YouGov poll 2010 United Kingdom polled in overwhelmingly Islamic extremism and of women's oppression is revealed to believe synonyms.

And many Muslims that has become increasingly believe that Islamophobic United Kingdom.

But some of the frustration and fear among the Muslim populace in the UK, despite the generation shift is in the past decade has occurred, you may be surprised to learn. Islamic society is reflexive and ready to take the challenge and had to move from being isolated. This curious, creative, force and smart generation British Muslim's natural expression. And this changes in the community at the forefront of the women driving force for change.

Tahmina Saleem and Sara Khan, for example, who want to Inspire, 2009 established an organization in the United Kingdom from Muslim women to take a grant. Numerous "culture for crime" after having witnessed the women, Sarah and redress the wrongs and decided to start a debate to Tahmina [NULL]. In the process they are extreme Muslims challenge for chiefs and right threw down the gauntlet to the extreme. Contemporary Islamic discourse, or what "gender-Temple" can be described as my gender equality to restore their as part of an ongoing struggle, they organized meeting next month in London, policy makers, grassroots organizations and the media to call for "speaking the name of God: re-examining gender in Islam."

Nottingham samina Rehman prolific writer Mona media, an innovative film and problem centered around drama, workshops and participatory art project Director of the professional theater company. Samina written plays and movies at the end of a range of issues – two cultural identities and cultural bias in drug abuse and social isolation lead to young Muslims attitude has produced a to tackle.

Their passion, being United Kingdom within the meaning of unashamedly encapsulates his faith is derived from. And it's not only Tahmina, Sarah samina affiliation; A strong sense of who they are with their fellow Muslims, the majority of the United Kingdom together is something to share. In fact, 2009 Gallup poll was 77% of Muslims United Kingdom "very strongly" or "very strong" United Kingdom, full (min 50%) United Kingdom public higher rate disclosed is identified.

It should come as no surprise following young Muslim professionals of energetic group public education's creative input lies behind the campaign "inspired by Muhammad" with the aim of challenging Islam [NULL] misunderstood about the Prophet Muhammad to contribute to the society of the Muslim rubber way United Kingdom informs to the public. Baroness Sayeeda Warsi a message that is similar to the United Kingdom Cabinet Ministers from-and conservative co-chair the first female Muslim-proudly expressed by declaring: "I believe that the United Kingdom as Islam was born my belief me a better person."

Yet for stimulating new confidence these Muslims, perhaps surprisingly, places virtually come from: the Muslim community was plagued with depressing news. Remona Aly, Islamic Foundation exploration, creative resources through the medium of Islam [NULL] damage to the stereotypes about challenging the organization campaign director "since 9/11 and 7/7 of the terrible event, Muslims felt it get their voice heard-is a voice than myself and talk about, rather than more and more important in the post. And this requires a larger and a great sense of confidence, has emerged.

British Muslims of this generation cannot be ghettoized does not want any special privileges required to remain on the fringes of society. Rather, they have a fair deal. They thank their contribution, return to this country, their commitment, and above all they are and are treated as equals.

The famous 13th century Sufi poet Rumi as Maulana Jalalluddin recommendations: "(content before went to tell the story of the people. In the future, and create their own stories. "Clearly, a new generation of Islamic activists, leaders, artists, thinkers and see themselves on the future of the United Kingdom, his keen convinced stakeholders can forge a path of success, it is possible to write their own stories and they have overcome the challenges that face.

(Aftab A. Malik UN Alliance civilized world expert on Islamic Affairs. document posted on the common ground news may 24, 2009.)

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