Saturday, May 28, 2011

Women of Iran Islamic revolution-the Islamic Republic News Agency to win amnesty of debts:

IRNA, reaffirming, ' the role of women in Islam, Fatemeh Zahra al ' Lady of the auspicious event in Kabul and the late Imam Khomeini the blessed birth anniversary speech at the meeting titled who according to IRI Envoy "as opposed to the use of the means of the West, Islam and women take Iran Islamic Republic of great value to a woman."
He added, "a woman in Iran, the parallel development of their country and the Islamic revolution women's role in the process of their men and sharing (Iraq) war, after the war, the postwar reconstruction period the whole construction period in an age of technological advancement is the current time, they are in some cases, the men ahead of them and even played a role."
Iran Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the fully trusted representative referred to the last his delivery of a message is written to the former Soviet Union in the late Imam Khomeini dispatched a woman in the delegation the delegation conducted in the presence of the President of the now dissolved the former superpower Michael Gorbachev, "not long ago, Mr. Gorbachev confess what great importance according to Islamic teachings on the nature of women attached late Hyderabad (P)."
Caretaker Ministry of women's Affairs of Afghanistan, Hassan Banou Qazanfar too, particularly the two countries regarding the relationship of a woman, arguing, Iran-Afghanistan relationship is rapidly expanding, the highlight in the meeting "Afghn Iran women's friendship and culture far from held June 12-18 in Kabul this year."
He added, "exhibition, the two artists, and in a meeting at night when there will be some of the events that day."
Also known as Qazanfar on the other hand, Iran Islamic countries women Ministers soon three obvious example Islamic countries, especially Iran and Afghanistan among each other, add proximity "has proven that all neighboring countries the participation of women in development and regional development plays a big role."
She has two world's celebration of blessed Lady, Lady Fatemeh Zahra Al means she is the world's entire devotional best model for women, "he said.
Afghanistan's national Parliament Member Mohammad Mohaqqeq, too, in his address referred to women's great significance during the Islamic era, as well as their great role in Afghanistan, Iran, the Islamic era, Muslim's blessed by the Taliban to rely on the teachings in the same group as the deviated of Islam by the save for interpretation.
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