Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Islam-Wonkette (satire), causing a scandal by Anthony Weiner his covert conversion

Does anyone wonder that Anthony Weiner scandal while the Jews Anthony Weiner has secretly was because all of this, whether or not Muslims? Right-wing "Islamic experts" Robert thinks so, and, he's here to Spencer so secret that Muslims know: Weiner. equally inept And he means that you are automatically converted so that the two of you on the right side of sleep terror Bill Clinton married Muslim women after marriage. Bill Clinton also is a secret Muslim, Anthony Weiner and his wife Hillary Clinton a huge lesbian. What? Oh, fine, say Anthony Weiner that secret Muslims just exactly does Spencer all over the Internet wants to beam his inner pix. This is more likely is the fact that he who is stupid. refinement

Spencer FrontPage magazineparanoia,:an aggressive pro-Israel and one of the most incoherent, paranoid and interviews from around the world.

Certainly the most likely scenario is that Weiner had converted to Islam, Abedin's mother, Saudi Arabia, will almost certainly claim that he was a professor to do so had no public statement of this transformation. Weiner, but it almost certainly would have cost him politically if he announced it, since this is what he actually did not convert the silence will not be displayed.

However, it is also possible, recent scandals Weiner's apparently frequently billed as A b e d i n contact and sexual/political marriage of convenience, the rumor that Weiner Union other women related to given. After all, 2008, Hillary Clinton is running for President. She along with her private Secretary that Abedin, always romantic and/or sexual relationships with a wide range of choice to participate in. He is also the Secretary of State Clinton's tenure. keep whisperings Abedin's presiding over marriage is 2010 President Bill Clinton put to rest rumors that Weiner.

Anthony Weiner proving that he was probably converted to Islam, he converted to Islam without telling what we finally have a pragmatic political whores and he told the Summit. And is Hillary a lesbian. Alright! [ SalonFrontPage magazine through]

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