Thursday, June 23, 2011

Women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia-the Christian Science Monitor about Islam

Saudi Arabia in 1990, 11/6 "culture" is a driving ban, 47, and Saudi women defied the ban when the veiled King Abdul Aziz Highway Riyadhand 14-vehicle convoy drove on. They are in their military vehicles during Desert Storm and Saddam Hussein, former Iraq attacks in the United States women in Gis Kuwaitarrived in the Kingdom of Kuwait was inspired by the women.

Their uprising these women were arrested and imprisoned for several hours and confiscated their passports. They were summarily dismissed from their jobs for one year banned from traveling abroad. Soon after, Saudi authorities banned the fatwas, or religious edict on women driving by the explicit issue.

Ironically, it is essentially a ban on the Islamic monarchy, especially since it is unIslamic is a matter for. Muslim women have been made Mecca lack of male relatives, without limitation, for centuries a pilgrimage: solo The recognition of their travel as individuals of their rights in the Islamic Group.

One of the Agency's evidence of women's freedom-Al-ayyam on Muslim Sahaba ( Prophet Muhammadfellow,)-take a look at the very genesis of the only. Early Islamic feminists have all faith in Islam dear literate role models. The most illustrious Prophet and Khadija, the first Muslim, the Prophet's first wife, Aisha, the wife later canonized in Islamic history.

Khadija, Muhammad's first wealthy merchant woman and the employer (a trusted intermediary) she later marriage proposal provides. She continued her business dealings after marriage and is considered an archetypal Muslim women entrepreneurs. The possibility of economic gender equality within Islam, Khadija, and she traveled often exemplifies and independently as a trader.

Aisha and her autonomy, knowledge, and her spouse during the cherry blossom is famous for the outstanding leadership that would completely. The Prophet himself publicly acknowledged her scholarship: "red headed one learns your anti-religious!"

Two women are well-Al-Momeneen-as the mother of the faithful, among the most esteemed of Islam. These women are seen as full Islamic Group of Trustees.

Both are conducted their business whether Islam is clearly marked on the papers, trade or training independently. Both of them as a means to complete the task and the horse has been documented to be a camel. Both the role of women in rural and pastoral of Arabia once allowed at work when the home is operating throughout their operating outside the home.

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