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Islam and the Arab revolution-Huffington Post (blog)

In the Middle East, North Africa and India in the area, Yusra Tekbali media groups and work together. She is currently based in Cairo.

What is happening today in the Arab world to capture the Holy Quran verses.

"Really, what's in the conditions of the people of God does not change is change ourselves." (13: 11).

Verse General Muslims, scholars, and revolution; Mentioned by often apathetic youth before the Arab people all over the world to demand more rights and takes on a different meaning now change their society.

Tunisia and Egypt revolution, while the secular, protesters, jazz, fashion, and personal prayer, filled the street and Tahrir or TV screen, but that many people crying, shouting Islamic slogans as rallying and in their society in a more religious, in any case, calling the protesters did not commit. Arab world religion and politics are intertwined. For example, Tunisia, Libya, Syria is one of the most influential branch in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood opposition movement is organized to take their campaign they reject violence,. women support and believe in democracy, to the West can do to convince (and Egypt voters), but it also stresses many Muslim non-Muslims, Islam means just change in philosophy of the so-called extremist groups.

Benghazi and Libya just as passionately obsessed with Islamic revolutionaries over and they "Allah, Allah, his Messenger and Libya, Gaddafi and Libya" and "," countered his phrase: "whoever by unjust Gaddafi, he will in the future in this life is blind; The country's Army Chief, "blind" to the story with references to Quranic verses, many of the refugees further away from straying path "Libya (17: 72).

Syria, Bahrain, "Allahu Akbar" or God is great, God is greater than the crimes of their Government believed to be used by Muslim protesters. On Twitter and Facebook with their faith in young people against democracy in Islam professed his belief in injustice, oppression and patience, often refers to the passages from the Holy Quran.

The term is a big difference between Islam and the Islamic revolution are not directly related to their unhappiness and frustration, for youth, better treatment and dignity, for his desire to preach Islam. Arab revolution youth society stop allowing the status quo; Chuck demanded that. You cannot overlook the meaning in religion.

Discussions about sexual harassment, often in Cairo Arab men groped along the right, they might be if the distance and brought Islam to Egypt police claim a free pass to insult the dignity of women before taking it will think-something we recommend not by Islam. Arrested by the police during the protest in Egypt Cairo, Tahrir square was forced to undergo virginity tests for women '. ' were women, according to Amnesty International, "beatvirginity tests, electric shock, ' ' were forced to submit, then being taken by the soldiers, while the men subjected to strip searches and threatened charges of prostitution."

Libya, Syria, Bahrain, the emphasis of Islam, a man of humility, of all aspects of human dignity and humiliation of women and get away with ignoring them in order to maintain the dignity of rape force and respect for women.

Yemen, known as reform, led to demonstrations and niqab-clad women in male-dominated discourse squashing. Saudi women drive to support their rights in the Islamic Government to crack down on the female driver at the time of the misuse of its authority. Other players in the country and to obey the ruler's call for revolution and overthrow King Islamic teachings counter. "The best Jihad is an unjust ruler, speaking the truth," when completely ignored the Government's criminal weapon can be used to discourage people from occupied appropriately.

Unable to find a modern democratic society in the Islamic world and Muslims of Arab or change the balance of his life up to the responsibility. What the millions of youth protest for rebellion: life with the control of their own. And it rejects the old autocrats addicted to power.

Islam (and the religion in General) always seek that power, but was manipulated by the Muslims of Arab and Islamic revolution is well aware of the changing power struggle-something that we cannot continue to overlook this fundamental discourse.

Young Arab, i.e. the upheaval in the streets started protesting and rebuild their country actively began to have been forced upon them by the things dictatorships cannot accept Islam. They have more Muslims they collectively decided to practice their faith at the time of enjoying personal freedom in a democratic society in the world. Along with the rest of the world, and a continuous flow of information and ideas in this connection-Islam in society-direct-how to understand the impact on Arab youth is simply better.

"In my diary," the critically acclaimed Hill essays "Anthology has beenI speak for themselves: Muslims and the United States women's," religion and politics in Washington and its impact on individual id [NULL] between the dichotomy in the Arab world has the same dichotomy to write about., or not the young Muslims, they realize it, whether it is a Muslim's life and understanding of Islam, their society and around the world.

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