Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yahoo group, the hijab, tournament-weightlifting! News blog (blog) the woman wear a unitard

Atlanta, Georgia, the Islamic hijab in the body of the sport's international ruling body unitard covering weightlifting and can be worn after she said nationwide competition now is allowed.

Turn off last year from her gym in Atlanta Kulsoom Abdullah and she found a surprisingly good start in the sport. She is a United States open weightlifting Championships last December, but the sponsor of the event to qualify for the United States weightlifting to her body, her revision uniformed all but her hands, feet, face cover would not be able to compete, he said.

Were they were completely fixed the Group officials judge athletes, they can speak out when to turn off their elbows and knees to be found, and then follow the instructions in the International Weightlifting Federation of those obligations. United States Olympic Committee and the IWF meeting judge after Abdullah group administration, and still be able to see whether the knees and elbows were locked, since that would be allowed in Malaysia is going to be tight-fitting unitard this week.

New rules mean you can now attend the National Convention in July, King Abdullah, she moved on to Olympic qualification 1, likely. "The clean-and-jerk." in her shoulder and called the move a 60 kilos (130 pounds or about) her head over 70 kilos (about 154 pounds) to earn her

"Newly approved competition promotes involvement in environment and more sports and costume modified the barrier breaks down," said IWF in a press release. Add a group as long as he is always allowed, hijab and it does not touch players Babel.

"I am relieved and happy," said Kulsoom boundaries.

Abdullah in the Georgia Institute of technology and a PhD in electrical computer engineering studies at the University still. She the perimeter said what she likes about how to turn off the "techniques involving a lot of very strong and can lift as much as anyone can."

"Given the confidence," she said, adding that she hoped more women will take part in the exceptional cases, we'll hear the story of her sport.

Abdullah's problem is not unique in the world of sports. Iran women's soccer team showed up to the Olympic preliminary game against Jordan, wearing hijabs earlier this month, FIFA, and manage operating, global football and promptly disqualified. FIFA bans headscarves in 2007, citing the risk of choking.

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