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Afghan women have room Dungeon-sweet success for the (blog)

This post is Karen day, journalist and founder of the Afghan women's justice project, written by.

This helped to change the main Afghan history almost 93000 people in the world. Petition signatures The Afghan women's justice project , and c a r e 2 by proffered, you came along and Afghan President Hamid Karzai Gulnaz sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for women, she refused to marry the rapist of a pardon for. However, women's rights, and this win is tainted by two facts: more than 600 women and their children are similar to the "moral crime" remains behind bars in Afghanistan and decided to marry her rapist Gulnaz.

In Afghanistan this year, my sixth trip and imprisoned with in Gulnaz women and children, hundreds of met. Most people never see as humanitarian journalists prefer to spend my life — in place, the refugee camps and warzones. third world disaster areas The bad news is that in the world after years of reporting in a worse place, it immediately won the female prisoners in Afghanistan of the planet's most anywhere on the sad honor of disenfranchised women.

United States Army and aid the Afghan women, which has brought progress on investment guarantee, full of cell phones and hotel in the city of Kabul, especially — but still all the way to flow burkas. Only in the 15th century, you need to travel outside the city, 5 kilometers to go back to one. Korean society of Islam and Sharia law is built on centuries-old belief — the ancient chiefs Hall of the cultural code that instructs the women less than men, the status and the legal value of the holding. "due process" for women is non-existent. It is simply accusing the woman of the crime and the two men she accused automatically guilty. In addition to the common moral crimes (or heights) to the prison every day, like having shot women and children continue to send abusive husband and murder-by-proxy, where a male family member accused of killing someone, run away from the woman.

Basic education, health and safety without the Afghan women face unimaginable daily hardships. They also have the world's highest maternal mortality: childbirth-related causes in the six women die from one. By comparison, the basic meals and isolated from the men, women and children, in these terrible Afghan prison almost met us and Afghanistan can be considered lucky — many are still in prison consultant deduce "honor-killing" since the Taliban Kandahar and Helmand in the same area of less than 25 women in governance.

Gulnaz toddles around the prison yard, who is facing a young woman with her daughter 20 rounds. She is a cousin of her husband she was raped, her conception by refusing to marry the rapist, sentenced to jail for the 18. Clementine Malpas, English film producer, the story of Gulaz "-define" produced by the European Union in the six months to document in the film called. The story also two other women prisoners, "received moral crimes."Regarding the fate of the film was complete, the release of the EU, decided to block would endanger their lives, these victims of exposure.

Defining the legal and human rights, which the filmmakers Joey Leffler about the rule of the European Union attach received e-mail description. It is mentioned that the European Union was determined to "women in film when was ' give their full consent, '" subjects of the documentary "EU and rehabilitate can threaten the life of a responsible for the event would not be willing to take."

Clementine was not, however. We hope the recognition earlier this year when her film would increase the gain entry to the jail and these disadvantaged women and helped improve the lives of children she met in Kabul. As the founder of the Afghan women's justice project literacy education in prison and as a benefit to raise funds for preschool to Sun Valley, Idaho "ban" movie premiere at the situation and may, in writing. For me, the European Union seemed to double by the film censor injustice. Www.awjp.orgkeep In-justice Trailer posted.

Afghan women face today two attractive reality movie releases, including whether or not the argument. Earlier this year, the Government has Afghan Taliban conservative time magazine by punishment was cut off her nose, woman's shelter after one child bride show almost shut down. They have been made to promote women's rights failed to show the progress. They talk to the media on the safe houses in Afghanistan these women so that they can be damaging to honor.

Who am I to talk anonymously and shot the woman puts it more concisely. Women and children in prison to provide literacy training to Afghan women's Education Center, her identity to the public could endanger herself and her family by her. "Articles or the Afghan women's plight in the film, I can tell you the truth, but they also could aggravate the situation more difficult — and my work."

It means you will never change — so what is the situation not yet exposed to, and the answer to the puzzle for Christmas?

Clem, you must believe that the truth be told. She continued to lobby for the release of the film, and grassroots organizing efforts and petition Gulnaz free. Kimberly Motley, petition, signed by a pro bono basis, media attention and thousands of young prisoners, with the help of a lawyer who defended the United States and we finally pardoned President Hamid Karzai of Gulnaz and has taken historic steps forward. It's all of us married her rapist Gulnaz is going to be released until it seemed a clear victory.

Again, the cultural norms continue to Trump. Clemente told her, "said Gulnaz deems my rapist has destroyed my future. No one has done what he married the day after. So I married my rapist for my children should be. "

Several organizations still behind thousands of Afghan women and children as a gift and she will make a different choice remains unclear whether Gulnaz alternative "moral crime."To provide for the bar

What difference can be made, for more information, go to the friends Care2 petition on our forwards!

The Mission of the women and children requiring Tan AWJP gender-based inequalities and injustice for the imprisonment for human therapy and provides legal defense. They are defense lawyers, literacy teachers and imprisoned women and children in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan for medical services by the funds to do so.

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