Monday, December 26, 2011

Hardline Indonesian local Mohawks are detained in concert-the Washington Post shave off a punk rocker.

Their "disgusting" and replace it with the clothes and toothbrush after he handed each barked "it."

Crackdown on Aceh, to impose Islamic laws secular but mainly Muslim country of 240 million dollars, the only province to promote the strict moral values, the latest effort by the authorities.

Here, adultery is punishable by stoning to death. Homosexuality has been thrown in jail, rattan cane lashed together in public areas and forced to wear headscarves and the woman said, please, no tight-fitting pants.

It's not clear why the police decided to hone in.

Sexual harassment for months complained piercings and tattoos teens even though Saturday's roundup of more than 100 people attended the concert was still far from the largest and most dramatic torso.

Baton-wielding police dispersed the fans attending the show, many of whom have vast archipelagic was traveling in other parts of the country.

Hassan 59 loaded in 5 young men and women, van and the provincial capital Banda Aceh in a police detention center 30 miles (60 km).

They are the areas of rehabilitation, military-style religious classes, such as the Quran Recitation and being trained would spend 10, he said. After that, they'll be sent home.

20-year-old was a punker, Fauzan, humiliated.

"Why not? Why is my head?! "Pointing to his head neatly shaved, he said."We did not hurt anyone. This is how we have chosen to express themselves. Why are they treating us like criminals "?

Tears, some women were given a blunt, short term, the bobs.

Hassan insisted he had done nothing wrong.

"We're not consulting anyone," the police chief said. "We're not a violation of human rights. We just put it back on the right to moral path. "

However, the Police Commissioner, State human Nur Kholis deplored any kind of criminal law have been broken at the end of the detention must be described.

"Otherwise, they are in violation of the right of people to gather and expression," said, promising to investigate Kholis.

In Indonesia, the Islamic Aceh — where the first arrived in Saudi Arabia enjoy semiautonomy in over a century ago-Central Government.

It is in the province of 170,000 people were killed in the 2004 tsunami, both the rebels and the army convinced the separatist to lay down their arms after the negotiations were part of a peace deal. Either way, I wanted to add to the suffering of the people.

In other parts of the country — some of the local government are tremendous changes in the economic growth and modernization since long the speed light, impeachment, and Suharto's alcohol drinking also saw 10 years ago — in a public place, gambling and "immoral" behavior, such as kiss.

However, they have met with success, thanks to the majority of the country's 200 million Muslims, belief in the right form of practice.

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