Friday, December 30, 2011

Iranian Embassy Holds Conference on Women's Rights - Fars News Agency

Top Iranian and Indonesian figures participated in the conference on "Rights of Muslim Women," which was held by the Cultural Department of Iran's Embassy in Jakarta and Islamic University of Sonan Kolija.

During the conference, Iran's Cultural Attach? Mohammad Ali Rabbani touched on a range of issues pertaining to Muslim women, including the role of women as half of the Islamic community, Muslim women's capabilities and their influence on ideological and cultural changes, role of women in the current events of the world, cultural invasions and negative advertisements regarding the status of Muslim women as well as problems of western views on women in Islam.

The Iranian official referred to some of the most concise and precise legal discussions on the rights of Muslim women, and demanded Iranian and Indonesian elites to cooperate in explaining the rights of Muslim women to the world.

Women lecturers from Iran and Indonesia in this conference elaborated on Women in Islamic Fiqh (jurisprudence), virtual space and the role of Muslim women in preventing the damage of virtual space to the family, responsibilities and duties of Muslim women in Islamic thinking and also legal and social challenges for Muslim women.

Position of women in the West, collapse of family in the West, impacts of an ideological and cultural system of the West regarding women in Muslim societies and also achievements and problems of women in Iran and Indonesia were among other topics discussed in the conference.

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