Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Self reflection Welcoming Ramadan

Ramadan is always being waited by all Muslims in the world. Whenever the coming month of Ramadan, they were greeted with joy. However, what about this myself? Is there a feeling at the meeting room in this heart? I think and reflect for a moment, see yourself in a large object called the glass reflection. Recalling what I have done so far, so after a month of Ramadan last year to be precise. In the midst of my thoughts, began to think of the sins I have done. My sins are covered with thick neglect and delay will do good. my sin to the pleasures of the world and ignore the side effects of that action. Without noticeably began to make a habit I feel embarrassed if someone else knows. Until your help comes. Light up the night like a dim light. I was in doubt whether it will be forgiven of these sins. But, you are the Supreme Master and the Most Gracious. I slowly remove the sense of it, hoping to return to the righteous path. With a bit of courage that will continue to grow.

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