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Islamic sects and Jews connection-Jerusalem Post

In defense of Muslims in the Middle East – they undersiege mentality, "Professor Azyumardi Azra explained on Monday."They interact, and afraid of the big room, giving a different Islamic sects, or whether members of other religions.

Later in the day, Arza religious law and State of the Union in Bar Ilan University International Conference, the Indonesian State, democratic State and Shari'a, about the interaction between delivered the lecture. Tager family Jewish law program University supported by the Law Faculty of the diverse perspectives Conference-religious, historical, philosophical, among them Jews from the development of legal research.

The Islamic State Jakarta, Azra history professor at the University and Studia Islamika founder, Islamic studies and SOA, University of London Editor of the journal of Qur'anic Studies Board of the journal's editor in Indonesian. In 2010, he was honorary CBE (Commander of the order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II in the interfaith understanding in his devotion was granted.

This WAS his first visit to Israel, and how green country besides his surprise, he pointed out how of Jerusalem old city to Muslims, Christians and Jews-was full of Abrahamic religious venues. But religion in common despite the Middle East is not a place of religious tolerance.

"Muslim sect in the Middle East among compromise leaves little room for," Azra Sunni, Shia, Salafites Wahabites and in the region, another Islamic Group in the center of the Department said. "Of course, the situation has become worse and authoritarianism" in the fashion of that country some.

The current political upheaval in the Middle East appeared more moderate form of Islam for the settings, you can create.

"There is a problem in the current transition," he said. "The first long entrenched military power because of the almost no civil society, which resulted in Egypt like. In the case of Libya, there is no possible political structure, tribalism. "

According to Azra "Arab countries democratic system development is a challenge. We should encourage civil society. The problem is that you socialbased mass organization-Muslim brothers-they are very political social or educational and Muslims to strengthen their understanding of the cultural aspects of improvement, such as not working in. "

Arza, the lack of moderation in the Middle East and Islamic region stems from the historical settings.

"In defense of Muslims since the late 18th century Napoleon Bonaparte of the time. In the Middle East, many Muslims had control of the Western powers. That's why conspiracy theories so trendy. "

So, while in the Middle East conflict, "there are forces, moderate" he could "not [be] conspiracy theories and under-siege mentality too old Muslims have powerful enough" said other steps.

"Now, for the Muslims to develop the necessary prerequisites of Muslims between non-Muslims they bridge the gap between their confidence."

Of course, the Islamic Middle East model is not the only modus operandi of religion.

"In Indonesia, but the difference we sects we compromise to give room for. we are lucky, in the past decades have experienced religious convergence, other sectarians, practices of barter exchanges" Azra said. "This is the [big] room for accommodation have made a compromise. "

Southeast Asia, Africa, the world's largest Muslim population, also home to a very different attitude than women in the region.

"Middle East Muslim male-dominated society. Men have been discriminated against for centuries, women's important role, "Azra said. But Indonesia, women in the temple, to recite the Koran in his voice is not considered "arwa"-sexually arousing men. Middle East Muslim men as well as many Orthodox Jews, songs, let alone in the liturgy of the women's voices to refrain from listening. In addition, Indonesia, the Islamic women's prayer with men in the same mosque space, on the other side, but without dividing wall.

For the West "during the colonial period since radical Islam as a religion, but Westerners the impression of Islam in the Middle East and take a look at that area and the fact that the Muslim South and a strong influence in Southeast Asia are ignoring identifies the Arabs," he noted.

"Islam and Judaism that can learn from each other," Azra added. "Christianity, Islam and Judaism came from the same roots. We, and many commonalities among us, needs to be strengthened. We should not look only difference; Children from one family, of the difference in there too, but one that you do not have to highlight them. "

Who is a member of the Conference Organizing Committee, Bar Ilan University of the law faculty, Professor Zvi Zohar is the Shari'a, the religion of Islam agree that the law is very similar to Halacha.

"There you can build we have many similarities, Islamic scholars and Indonesia, Foreign Affairs, it should be pointed out that the Israel country people and scholarly dialog can be the basis of," he said.

Zohar who is also legal, religious, and programs within the framework of a biannual journal of the publish status, one of the editors, it is organized by the Islamic Conference to participate in the discourse is fundamental.

"Law, religion and State in all the discussion of the relationship, there are a number of reasons, contact Islam," he said. "Islam and Judaism are their structure and the relationship between religion and State are much closer to" Christianity, for example, and more.

"Our sorrow Israel-Palestine conflict has escalated the conflict meet has been seen as by certain quarters," Zohar said. "Israel was the founder of Islam, [NULL] about anything, it's just a [historical coincidence] people living here were Muslims. We and Islam, dialog to enter all of the reasons that might be of interest and conflict, the common grounds of obscurity. "

He said, "if we talk with each other can we [NULL] add to learn about the similarities and people from two communities facing common problems and find two spectrum is. Indonesia has its own important cultural important country and we hope that this positive spirit of cooperation in the future will form the foundations. "

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