Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kashmiri women recovering lost social space-times of India

Srinagar: Maulvi Showkat Wahhabi, Ahle Hadith denominations of the head and died in April, what in his killing off a lot of Kashmir had suffered phenomenal growth of the sect. It is alone in the Valley the following 15 lakh people. Wahhabi Islam, its unique Puritan liberal Islam-quite the opposite is closer to Sufism-Kashmir.

A byproduct of the Wahhabi strain Kashmiri societyhas been in the women's marginalisation. Indiain many other Muslim communities, unlike Kashmiri women had high standards of freedom. For the past 20 years, changed it.

Armed groups and the high ground of Islam, female impositions by the brunt of the burden. For example, the hijab a strange many previous Kashmir. But women get limited to assume more men turn to Wahhabism. This change of striking affirmation is most ziyarats or pilgrimage church here man's virtually zero exists. Not rare in the burqa and 10-year-old school girl trying to find.

"My brother's wedding for my confirmed she was living in Kashmir who did not. She is highly educated and modern. What kind of life she would get here? Kids in the House? "Moinuddin, asks a young businessman.

Since 1990, women on the sidelines as his son and husband died, or reduction in humiliation. There are armed groups or political discourse is the voice for them. Only one prominent women, Mehbooba Grand discount if Asiya Andrabi, who in the past, unveiled women and adopted the Sharia, issued in accordance with the statement but yourself.

Women owned 33% seats in panchayats voice again, equity, and opportunity to contribute to the Kashmir Kashmiri women have been granted. In other words, they lost in 20 years, social space, some recovery opportunities.

It is also the meaning of the financial freedom has been granted. And they look forward to something. So long as the "spoils" the distinctions between long caps power. Now there are responsibilities-it's at least recognized-grassroots.

See Rs 350 crore Kashmiri in his life, when you create the difference that thousands of crores where you will want to know. And local politicians for victims will not play so easily. "So easy Delhinot directly toward (s) failed. Bijli-sadak situation because there are bad enough autonomy. It's bad "because of the corrupt former Government official says.

"Sarpanches, young man's new crop of leaders this land their climbing up as they do their intimacy Srinagar, ability to work on the basis of the will" Adnan Shah says.


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