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Saudi women drivers-pot of emotions gulfnews.com

Many Saudi Arabia with Sharif Al Manal, even the current Saudi Arabia [NULL] her to drive a vehicle for Saudi women's comments sure if formed. Divorced women's vague allegedly imprisoned in distress surprise comments range.

Esmail, Jeddah residents, says, "seriously don't know why women can't drive them in Saudi Arabia and it if asked. Ban has nothing to do with Islam; traffic law enforcement women drivers are handled, you must make some changes. However, you can change the date not be enforced and the slogan; We remember women driving no support our nation's most respected views and solve it. "

Nadia, also add from Jeddah: "this is never resolved for some reason or another, seem to get to the ongoing problem. We solve this problem is the time to. Driver to entails financial strain many people and what is more than you can afford.

"The other problem is that the male members of the family strain. How they do their child and family and at work or school woman driver if you need to perform their jobs? As long as we women regarding the status quo remains, the country from the rest of the world will never advance to sign up. We need to resolve these issues, not a big concern of women away locks, and they aren't even there, instead of pretending that we can move forward? Sight, mind! "

Leila says: "Manal Al-Sharif and other like her are paving KSA [the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 's] female Neanderthals to suppress for too long the rule to eradicate. Her idol is considered so many Heroes — especially for me! You do this step and the good luck June 17, the guts to take on women's Bravo! And who stood behind this and their mother, wife, daughter, sister, and this basic rights appealing for women who all fellow citizens support all Bravo! "

Selina A. admits: "I [Manal's driver] it where we can not get. The Government all doesn't work that way. Yes, it's a bold move, but the driving laws, which would not be enabled to know though. Or any decisions. So did not want to raise hopes. And the right. "

Riyadh Majid: "I fully support women driving, my wife is her weird best of drivers in the country who with the help of a strange men's needs, rather than a task I would rather drive yourself. In addition, I would like we can get past this problem and more interested in education, environmental issues, poverty, unemployment, innovation, productivity, and more like our community prosperity is essential to focus on the issue. "

Mohammad says: "in short, she's behind the wheel another stupid. Just as she got some press coverage problem gonna help her and they approve tomorrow issues does not mean you're going to. Just get people seeing the women behind the wheel allows you to the latest legal and sexual harassment when driving all aspects of management, such as that men and women is all about traffic rule violators for need to jail terms. "


Kamal: "will see waiting for day girls in my country for the drive. certainly we in the old heart and the clergy, but a large opposition in front we will not stop, please see. Just before I die I'd like to see happen. women will be driving some negative aspects like the first one other change [TV, radio, Internet, phone, etc] but positive much more attractive. "

Eastern provinces in Mo I Rana Rossvoll: "I believe that what she did to her country's policy totally wrong and failed to comply with the regulations. However, the results were much better than a sense of guilt. "

Abeer from Riyadh: "Manal Saudi Arabia has become Parkes! Why our nation will never excel to her arrest. When you throw aside automatica lly-50% + talent pool, can result in anything good. "

Dammam Yousef added: "I was distressed. I had to move the country forward. Is actually declining and steps of the intolerance of women's rights back towards the continued battling with. "

Daran said adding: "this is the right of choice for anything except. why women should be denied, and on what basis? We have already decided on the Islamic driving does not prevent women. The following? Let me choose. And the Government to amend their laws to support the motion. "

Such public opinion and has followed the arrest international criticism on the basis of the questions the Lady her imprisonment extended another 10, said Riddle. That her five-year-old son too while infections had to be hospitalised. That progress augur well for?

Tariq A. Al-Maeena Saudi Arabia socio-political commentary. He Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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