Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jewelry-AFP released Saudi Arabia detained a woman driver

Bail (AFP)-3 hours ago released Saudi Arabia detained a woman driver

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia — Saudi authorities Monday to Manal Al-Shah jewelry leaf, conservative United Kingdom Women driving ban violations, who were detained during the free her lawyer said.

"We have today decided to bail free Manal. Her release procedure step on the way down, "Adnan Al-Saleh, afp, then now would be closed.

Sharif Abdullah had called upon her release, Saleh afp his client in prison, after the meeting on Sunday.

Sharif, 32-year-old computer security consultant, May 22, the nose is in the eastern Saudi city of bar around her car driving yourself video on Youtube was arrested after publishing.

One of the divorced mother in the video transport often a headache. Saudi Arabia is by no means a driver hiring women to drive them the way male family have to rely on goodwill.

Authorities on Thursday decided to extend the Kingdom of women's rights within the debate sparked after her arrest 10, Sharif's detention.

Sharif's release is called, the Agency said on Monday signed by acquired 3,345.

It is the Kingdom "pending drive women's rights on the question of a clear decision" she demanded the release of Abdullah, solved.

Title Facebook page "we all know Manal Al-Sharif: Saudi women's rights and solidarity for the phone" was 24,000 supporters on Sunday.

However, another Facebook page "iqals"-planned June 17 wheels are taking banned protest of the Kingdom of women in their car and driving to Saudi women to win a men 's-Gulf many traditional headdresses with use the code that called a man.

June 17, organizers of the demonstrations in Saudi Arabia, the law prohibits women from driving and ban-based men and women whose legal un-chaperoned mix up in the air that prevents the Puritans of Islam, depending on the version of the United Kingdom issued a religious edict from (fatwa) highlighted.

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