Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Women in philosophy background of Hyderabad's attitude ...-Tehran times

Men and women integration of human society is two separate parts. These two parts are free with each other. Allah the great system is implemented with a mission to men and women. Women are the perfect plan towards execution of unique was written as an example. A place in the area of creation and the role of women is very important. A woman from Earth to her role in their area has a dazzling virtuosity. This strange and wonderful world of multi-faced in order to meet the needs of the author against physical and mental characteristics of the two races was created.

His creativity, coupled with the great creator limbs and neurons need women, physical and mental capabilities suitable for work. Multiply, and continued with the presence of humanity for Creator 4 straight steps delineated said: pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting, provide.

The same pain fraught with risk, women being the mother again a new chapter of responsibility before her. This chapter takes care of itself independently when mother's custody of her responsibility to achieve the phase being able to rest assured that the child's date of birth across from. This growth period mother sharp eyes food and rest, exercise, behavior-children's life to take care of all aspects.

Their glorious location in the late Imam Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran women were established:

"Islamic unwanted girl debacle, or should the goods in the hands of men. Muslim woman's personality and wants to protect important and active person, see her as a. "

According to Imam Khomeini women's obligations to perform their social and religious, their divine and personally to maintain purity and look forward to fit in with public divine atmosphere based on social and political movement to perform. He is the appropriate location, roles, and women in the modern world about respect of the force has given an opinion. In the modern world as well, no, a thousand years of history in women will never progress and dignity of women in Iran today and found the location.

Respect for women, a special interest in Hyderabad in order to focus on the Muslim world Fatima Zahra (SA), women's day is the birthday of the mother's sacred. This Declaration through Imam Khomeini back women their rightful place and women as a result, they lost respect and honor.

Role and position of women in the world for a good time, said: "the woman in society played a large role in the play. Their hopes, aspirations and realizations of humanity is a symbol. "He is the protector of mankind as women. He said: "women in their wheels only to hand it to the community and society, but at the same fighting spirit many social and human values, the towering unfaltering can be collected, as well as because of the same man whom." in the world of the creation of the position of women to identify, Imam opined: "man-woman in the lap of Meraj." he observed: "the role of women in society than people. It is a fact that women, it's all besides the active class by defining their own domain, due to maintain in a different class. "

He added: "I observed a broad and wide that men's society women in society than the amazing change. Respectable women of Iran; proud part of the same change came because invalidating the devilish plots to women in Iran at 50 years ago foreign conspirators and local boot-licker-collaborators and lousy poet, writer, and was hired by a group of public relations. "He also said:" the rise and rise and fall of a society that depends on the woman's society. "

"Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA) immutable nature reserve and her practical life and life on the translation used on all aspects of Islam, a deep knowledge. She was that age; not ideal for her even when the model of science and technology have made great strides in human civilizations even in these times can be imitated. "


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