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SCTCC School of Islam-St. cloud times health field to help you familiarize yourself with the

Zamzam salad is not a typical college student.

She has a tattoo on her arm, worn on the headscarf in slim 22-year-old standing in the crowd, but her cultural work, St. cloud technical college in den community that got the attention.

I m medical fields, and helping others with a passion for people, salad, who in 2001, St. cloud in Kenya, who had a better education for Somalia, said.

Salad is the art and science of health insurance, consider a career in other Muslim women inspiration at work in Islamic belief, the class how her instructor training before the associate degree in May with a graduate from the University.

Students need, such as Zamzam come to us they are in the classroom requires their own religious practices honors and talk about their different ... Consciousness and have been really s strength Zamzam, Janet Steinkamp, health sciences and human services, said of Dean.

Islam and education

Salad, Mac, and air University undergraduate and health sciences and cultural competent medical care for the Human Services Department staff conducted a workshop.

A lot of people in the know this country don t many Muslim women ...I always told my classmates so they feel ask anything, just ask, salad said.

So she remains true to her culture to Western-style education while ago technology high school students from Patrick Mac and ER, SCTCC, trainer, and cardiovascular technology program's Director and worked with.

For women in the Islamic faith, cover their heads and they are also all the way to the floor their wrists go all the way down and a long skirt or dress shirts must be worn, and said Mac and Salad, who s adviser and knows her.

Other issues; Myself and other instructors are some of the all male. Impressed with the Islamic faith's men of a bitch you ... When something is demonstrated their hand positioning it a different way of appropriate touch of their hands? ?

Full beard with a former student of Mcguire s student s head cover sterilization special kind of hat and clinical settings, so Mac and salad while offering full beard the same kind of hat, she wear her headscarf, which allowed to continue.

Our instructors and other students; The needs of Muslim students about how to support as a valuable resource to demonstrate that She turn better the future of the Islamic faith to their patients the medical quality SCTCC be able to provide health students help others, then Steinkamp said.

Salad she she sterilization, medical environment to work in scrub wear was needed rather than went to a restaurant on campus she her customary skirt again for example, to change, he said.

Some students ask me not to wear a skirt, the other was talking about the feeling and how they felt uncomfortable with it, but still, it's more like, OK, I m doing my job and my job when I m, still with me and said I m, salads.

Work together

Faculty and health sciences and Human Services Department employee Larry d. Purnell s guide to culturally competent health care, so they health care setting in the cultural issues that are more sensitive, you may receive a copy of.

A cardiovascular technician assists angiograms performed heart procedures, such as, putting regulator, pacemaker generator taking heart, salad said.

There are 27 total graduate programs 2005-2008, related work in the field of possible graduates 92% according to the St. cloud technology in the & Community College.

A lot of girls here scrub ... Together would see me and they d like, Oh, my God! You re in the program. How did I do it? Had a lot of them are scared to even apply because because they didn t know they take away d, their scarves salad firmly said.

Salad in the classroom, clinical settings, or something in her research she had disturbing or her religion, exercise, you will be able to feel her keeping her whenever she talked her instructor, he said.

Every time it came time to pray ... Right back to the rest room change completely from my normal clothes to wear, and at the bottom on my mat and pray again, clinical settings said put my scrub just will say my map.

Salad in place because of the SCTCC put a specific rule, but because of the opening of her needs and beliefs discussed her instructor and colleagues with respect and understanding of the Steinkamp, according to, you can work with.

When talking with her map, she said Zamzam never waited in prayer procedure left but sneak patients between prayer, Steinkamp said.

Because they all worked together and demanded individual open, strengthen the enrichment educational environment. Her commitment to the Islamic faith. people who were unfamiliar with, and assist the Zamzam was known

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