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Abedin/inner marriage "Islamic plot"-dumb and Muslims United States

By Sheila Musaji

Muslim population in the United States to take more than a plot and a lot of children and growing their current 1% of the United States the majority of the population, they can revert the following "Sharia law" may have been the West sostupid Muslim conspiracy"ever, but Muslim marriage conspiracy comes a close second.

Muslim population in the plot, here's a little background might not remember for those who are

In the United States is currently about 50,000 Muslims and approximately 300 million total population-1%.  I am a mathematician, however (i.e. 2,086) by United States population is about 77 years in the United States double seems to be about the current growth rates of looking for information.  At the same rate as the Muslim population doubles, if 600 million 1.6% of the population of 10 billion will be Muslims.  Twice in the Muslim population growth the norm if it is only 3.3% of the 600 population 20 million Muslims, it is possible to be.

How to look at the numbers, no matter how anyone this Muslims who by acquiring the American population, they will have to wait long, or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of years to reach their goals.  I've seen is the stupidist racist garbage.

Wrote an article a few days ago Eliana Benador and beyond Washington Times paranoia, shenanigans, Islamophobia lunacy! she Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin marriage had written about articles about.  Benador her article title "Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin: Islamic agenda marriage?".  Title got my attention.  What possible "Islamic agenda" probably Interfaith marriage is destroying the tawdry sex scandals could be?  Page was a lot of other people have been discovered by the Washington Times obtained from the site.

Her rant of Benador unpleasant speculation much task management — Weiner may have converted to Islam or Islamic Abedin, otherwise why Islamic Imam would be understood that gave her advice can be on the left — was the best groom Abedin has been "political movers and shakers Rep. Anthony Weiner, politically placement marriage, including in the United States advance the cause of Islam access?" — "Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin Union widely reported when we love by or socialist political agenda. Jewish American men and her lineage of Muslim women's cultivate wonder if coupling "—" Taqiyya observant Muslims, there are legal rights and promote the cause of Islam to distort the truth of the Sharia that represents a duty elements of practice to remember that this situation at the time of reporting, it is also important. ...”

Benador's article in the New York mosque Imam, "the Imam of New York" and "best Islamic time", and his simple advice takes on sinister tones.  This time can hold a minority opinion but Islamophobes Muslims hold a different opinion is not allowed.  They Muslim Borg the same of Star Trek and the hive mind sharing.  Benador important male or politicians-pro-Muslim agenda America conquering Islam/Socialist/left-wing conspiracy to get married to a engaging Muslim women to groom came out evil Islamic plot.

This crazy hut it Islamophobia industry really lunatic fringe can be limited.  However, I have been wrong in that assumption.

Daniel Pipes as a pro-Islamist attack Grover Norquist and his 2005 article update.  In the original article Norquist's Islamic wife pipe and possible meanings of a mixed marriage to discuss spent a lot of time.  Pipe closed, along with the original article "If Grover Norquist but actually converted to Islam, he's just not enabled the Islamic cause, but Islam itself."

Pipe in mind who must marry a Muslim suspects, his 2011 June 9, pipe said update: "speaking Muslim women and marriage, Anthony Weiner in American politics who did notable non-Muslim male, Jewish, born Huma Abedin, Southeast Asia is the origin of Islamic marriage converted to Islam? According to one account "give up drinking and even sometimes fasting in Ramadan." the godly wife acceptance that he "did Weiner secretly converted to Islam, Islamic marriage?"Did Barrack in the marshalls evidence suggesting Ben

Pipe Weiner/Abedin marriage as a description of the recommended article Benador's articles as crazy.

Why Barrack question "this time Kuwait Faculty of Islamic law in Dr. Anwar Shoeb Declaration Anthony Weiner between Huma Abedin marriage is null and void, considering it from the location where the Sharia adultery as he Jew or Christian to go regardless of whether the non-Muslim, Muslim women's marriage ban." her husband would "by Abedin Barrack then Abu Namous asks Muslim his boss a direct opposite? Why? "

How Islamic scholars in Kuwait, some in the United States time "Muslim excellence"?  I heart Abu Namous, "New York's Imam" in the same way that Kuwait scholars assume this authority was obtained.

This is the same Ben Barrack other articles authored Walid Shoebat claimed that Huma Abedin mother and Muslim Brotherhood secret is a member of the women's wing.  And then all come out of the Barrack and Shoebat most adverse evidence "which Huma any major Western media outlets, even what is common knowledge in the Arab world. Yet, confirmed by Arab sources-Huma Abedin has a brother called Oxford University to work on Abedin mountain. "

Cue scary music, Oxford, and her brother works.  Apparently that proves something.

They then Oxford University Islamic infiltrated by Islamic activity that is known is the breeding ground.  Even worse, Abedin's brother Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has worked with.

More terrifying music cue.  Her brother was working in Oxford and Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has worked with.  Now we have her brother was taking over the West, and we hold dear all bent on subverting the truly extreme Muslims.

Who News Corp., Fox News Channel's parent company's second-largest shareholder is the same Alwaleed Bin Talal.  And, for one, do not have to show their money seee anti-Muslim who influence the Fox News channel.  He is also many other well known companies even Euro Disney is a large shareholder.  Perhaps there are Mickey Mouse to convert Muslim is some sort of plot.

Pipe like serious scholars, you should consider yourself but at the same page, even as a kind of expert Walid Shoebat include reference, referral and pipes claim serious scholarship endangering Texas radio talk show host academic qualifications will be recorded by.  Shoebat herefor more.

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