Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hijab ban dashes Iran Olympic

Cairo-Dashing Iran hopes the 2012 London Olympic Games football player Islamic dress broke FIFA rules, the Washington Post reported Tuesday, June 06, soccer's governing body has ruled.

"This means this ruling Iran in the women's soccer," Shahrzad Mozafar, former head coach of the team said.

FIFA on Monday Iran women's soccer team's Islamic dress code signs of religious symbols to ban ruled bankruptcy rules.

April 2010 FIFA it during the 2012 Olympics hijab and other religious outings planned ban announced.

"Players and officials shall not politics, religious, commercial or private message or slogan which language or your own team or play Kit in the form" rules say.

FIFA rules will coincide with the Iran team players tightly wrapped around their head and neck is a special designed headscarf.

"We made the necessary modifications and match later in the play" Farideh Shojaei, Iran Football Federation head of women's Affairs in the Reuters TV said.

"We play the next round, and were not prevented from doing so and they did not find anything wrong.

That means there are no obstacles in our path, and we can participate in the Olympics. "

However, FIFA said Iran dress code London 2012 for the Olympics violates the rules of it.

"Allow those players March 2010 FIFA's decision on the number of contours, cover their heads, but ear neck, does not extend below the cover lid mouth allow still apply," FIFA said Reuters as an e-mail.

"The initial guarantee Iran delegation to understand this, though players came out wearing the hijab, the head and neck completely covered, in violation of the laws of the game.

"The match Commissioner and the referee decided to abandoned after correctly, therefore, is to apply the laws of the game."

Iran women rule all the toes on their body hair needed to cover.

In order to compete with domestic work and, internationally, the entire tracksuits and headscarves at warm women's soccer team play.

FIFA verdict on Friday match between Iran and Jordan to important secondary before the Olympics.

Killer stone

Iran official FIFA ruling Islamic Republic, women in sports were killer stone's throw away. "We wear Headscarves simply Iran," said Mozafar.

The Islamic Headscarf at the dress code of obligations.

Iran women athletes, such as karate and volleyball sport international event excelled for.

"When the serious women athletes will not be able to participate internationally, she remains an ambition?" Mozafar said.

Muslims around the world banned Iran managed to insult.

"FIFA decision sports stadium in their (religious) faith was shown whose only goal an insult to all Muslims," said the Ministry of education news agencies Shojaei.

The Islamic Republic is a FIFA ruling [NULL] is planning to appeal.

"We match FIFA organizer of the International Federation of football (FIFA) file a complaint for" Ali Kafashian, head of the Iran Football Federation, said.

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