Thursday, June 9, 2011

United States creates a Muslim woman Islamic app-Bikya Masr

Los Angeles: United States Muslim women to that for more interested in an often misunderstood religion to help smart phones for application development.

Amanda as the brains behind the new app and 365muslim website she humor and pointed out, some of the many people's perceptions, or misperceptions of Islam fighting.

Politicianssaid in an interview with applications will lead to not download readers "conversion, teachings, hypnosis, browbeat and subject Japan, Jihad-Ed, or added to the FBI watch list."

On her website she her simple for the cause. She converted to Islam, 12 years ago and a professional writer and activist in Austin, Texas, living in that identify themselves.

"Rather than simply Muslims all violence, I thought the best thing to do, misogynistic religious lunatic communicate truly really we want to get to know more about moderate, intelligent people believe in that you want to argue with people," she writes. "When the Smartphone apps charm and fun way for Muslims and Islam, and the maximum daily in fact came up with the idea of the role."

For example, gives a politician: "the Prophet Muhammad said, ' there it not deserve the Sparrow or anything smaller, without killing any person but is Allah that questions about it on judgment day. Yes, I mean your windshield spiders too! "

New applications, you can use free iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. She is currently developing knowledge so it on Android phones. Users to their Facebook page to share information, you can even.

American Muslims a new effort to be excited about, and they hope to non-Muslims in the United States and elsewhere to help combat the perception of Islam by the application will be downloaded.

"I do not understand people, but instead of converting something they can go and the people who learn something hope" Yussif Kadry, Egypt-United States started in the Faculty of UCLA. The question that people are, and then 365muslim their answers can get you will find a place. He even found it useful.

"Growing up in the United States, or Islam, [NULL] was quite a bit about, and not even say today I religions, practicioner very much but faith [NULL] want to know more about believe this app is for those who will be great," he added.

Now at least I don't have the information against the body. Kadry, millions of American Muslims and the faith [NULL] want to know more about the people they are now the app to the world's largest religion, to learn about one of their friends, you can send.


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