Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to prove that Islamic violence-FrontPage magazine Absurdities Islam

Muslims to ignore Muhammad's sunna Sheikh's video saw a warning about the other day or prescribed in the rules and customs of the Prophet for Muslims. In order to support his points, he was talking about Muslims, Muhammad wherein the hadith reads: "pray, wash your hands before you put in water to wake up from sleep, ablution for nights spent at hand."

Sheikh Muhammad said, according to hear of someone, deridingly as "I'm not going to keep my own hand, what I am know?!"You are talking about, and then

This guy is trying to find his arm — elbow to hand in his anus up — Xu.

The moral of the story? It is dangerous to ignore the words of Muhammad. Sheikh Sharh Sahih Muslim, this highlights a trusted source of anecdotes and its closing alerts, read: "therefore, to make light of the fear of Allah and the sunna of the Prophet's words to ridicule human flaws — rebelling, and what references to this person."

There is a reason why guardians of Islam — past and present — always Muslims threatened: Muhammad sunna, seriously, if you do not want to provoke laughter naturally comic or perverse things to bizarre.

We have just one: adult breastfeeding, rida ' Al-Kabir concept or thebreast milk "Islam, Muhammad. adult women when I started hitting Canonical hadithis included in it, Islamtoday, almostauthorities the top of the 1,400 years later, still advocate this perverse practice. After all, or reject it, the other canonical hadith and fiqh of usul al-source — in short, rejects Sharia reject the methodology.

Now, how we connect the dots to see the bizarre show violence in Islam.

Consider: Muslim is still simply "adult breastfeeding," set to true if you are compelled to such things as the 7th century, Muhammad said so, because it is not that they are embracing their Prophet's better documented and unequivocal consent regarding pagan at the end of the logical?

Take a look at it this way: adult breastfeeding problem is Muslims and all sorts of embarrassing so far about; advantage or to provide them with benefits, it places them in a position, especially their women, mad (actually, it was the first rank "top 10 bizarre or ridiculous fatwas" in this list). So why is it still relevant issues among Muslims? Because Muhammad ordered it once. Thus, like it or not, Muslims must come to grips with it somehow.

What, following Muhammad's other Commandments — if you are in a Muslim settlement, embarrassed, and power, wealth, they provided the commandment humanity hedonistic pleasure — that is the most primitive urges, and very well run out of the commandments? I speak of (and extensions Sharia) war of Muhammad ("Jihad"), a pagan, his wealth, women, and children, looting, and everlasting kept him from battling the pagan Muslims along the history of Islam vis-à-vis the commandments — for non-Muslim all the things that define them.

Simply feel the need to address adult breast feeding, that is, the spirit of Islam, Muhammad, the Prophet of war and conquest because it once sold on the constant incitements recommendations.

The Islamic world is so much weaker than the heathen world, currently living in an era where it is capable of launching an attack on the whole, one may be overlooked this fact. But the intention is certainly there. Look at how a non-Muslim minorities, only one is needed, especially Christians, Muslims persecutionin the world are processed kidnapping-where are they, rapes and ransacked, — to make sure of it.

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