Thursday, June 30, 2011

Resource Center-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel open Milwaukee Muslim women's Union

17 years, dispel the myth that Milwaukee Muslim women Union, interfaith dialogue and information through the program of social welfare in Islam [NULL] has been about public education. But it did not have their own home.

He was officially in the latest ventures, greenfield Union 5235 S. 27 provincial community outreach with the opening of the next month for Islamic Resource Center.

5,000 square feet Centre Union offices, in addition to local Islamic-Arabic language lending library houses classes and offers an array of cultural programming in the film cooking lessons and everything that will be exchanged for a first-of-its-kind.

"We just want to learn about Islam [NULL] anyone want to have access to the general public in the public school teachers" with her husband Najeeb, President of the Union's doctor Waleed Najeeb Janan project of his own money invested almost $ 1 million.

Milwaukee area with followers from all corners of the world's most diverse faith communities state that represents one of the House is believed to be Muslims, as long as 15,000.

To celebrate the diversity in the arts and artifacts in the glass: brilliant silver jewelry India Resource Center lobby Egypt and Palestine in the box;, China; More items from the Qur'an Indonesia-many complex wood carving in the verse.

Although the official debut weeks away, some limited programming began.

Syria on Friday, about 50 people attended the opening of the exhibition of paintings by the artist Adib Fattal. On Tuesday, a local Islamic school, and a woman in the early half of the Somali community gathered on maternity, aimed at keeping them off the path the Union program.

At the same time, the Center is working to get up and running.

On Monday, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in a library science interns worked on the lending library catalog.

The goal by the end of the year, Najeeb and amass nearly 500 titles began lending to 2012. Until then, readers are welcome to peruse the volume on the Center site.

To create a default Resource Center for the first time the Union did not set out to be.

It discussed the possibility of creating a permanent home for about 4 years ago started as a group that grew out of the brainstorming.

' We had a question, ' if we are, what we would ' our dream space? "Janan Najeeb said."And people will be exactly where you can get information at the top of the list. "

Coalition for exploration near downtown Milwaukee, but the lack of pricing and parking properties was an issue.

The group members found the 27, too big for their own purposes, at St property.

So Waleed Najeeb is his to expand medical practices is South to the North of the building, decided to open the half clinic.

Najeebs properties to buy and repair funds.

But the non-profit women's Union Resource Center annual operating costs of the expected 150 billion.

Najeebs ' contribution to the Mission's sense was born, the desire to have accurate information about people's faith and practice.

"Really, the only way to allay the fears and promote knowledge, is to promote understanding," he said.

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