Friday, July 1, 2011

Political Islam-Businessday and Sanusi of Islamic finance

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi geria (cbn) Governor Ni at the Central Bank of Islamic politics project is to set up the concept of ' Islamic finance ', this has to do more than others. The Nigerian Islamic financial institutions in excess of $ 950 billion Politicisation assets to more than 75 countries on endangered line otherwise attack the experiment.

' Political Islam ' takes different forms, and various strategies and tactics over the controversial term. However, most definitions that should guide the social and political as well as personal life ' Islam: ' faith, including banks and insurance services in this context, the global explosion of faith is compatible with Shar'ia, symbols, and inspiration, shape, and even competitors can benefit people in the community believing that economic activity to animate draw can be interpreted as an exercise, depending on the language of Islam. ' Divide-and-conquer ' strategy is therefore contradicts this brand of Islam a peaceful political.

This two-part series on the column, ' Nigeria's Islamic finance dilemma ' in Islamic finance approved earlier (BusinessDay, 8th April 2010 and April 15, 2010). However, presciently warning of CBN and Islamic finance, the series is a very complex financial system badly politicising and promoters to run due to lack of preparation and expertise to manage projects.

To get started with an unnecessary linguistic gymnastics and CBN officials are engaged in the problems pointed out. By splitting hairs over whether the ' Islamic finance ' and ' Bank is part of a non-interest banking in other cognitive accidentally created their ' synchronous ' product CBN Shar'ia, focusing on the issue than it is. ' He's license and other forms of non-interest banking in the future, ' call itself has no idea who are interested in these ' other forms ' Iran does not appear on the CBN smart political communication.

Sanusi is skillfully, but attempts to apply the Governor he put out the fire in the mid set in Savannah disingenuously, that the Muslim populace, ' indirect rule ' strategy for the West Sea of self. ' No one is interested in setting up Islamic banks, first issued a circular requiring the current Deputy Governor in March 2009, Pastor Tunde Lemo; Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, and [cbn] administrator then. At the time, became Governor, he sorted input from the general public, the circular has already been there, and finally with the Director, financial policy and regulation of, whose name was directed by Christian Chukwu. So, if the Grand process of Islamisation, and then start for the banking sector, Pastor Charles Soludo, Professor Tunde Lemo and Mr Christian Chukwu ' (May 28, 2011).

Sanusi ' Christian Bank would push hard for equally, whether or not you can ' Bank ' Okija shrine, he Knights of why anyone aside in the financial services Board (IFSB) Islam these Christian and its description is not in the Technical Committee? International standard setting organization ' raise the IFSB prudential issues and major industry ... a global standard.Principles of the Islamic financial services industry improves reliability of soundness and it will remain exclusively for both Muslims and Dr. Bashir Aliyu Umar Sanusi:.

How many non-Muslims in the Islamic banking and Finance Institute (IBFI) CBN Nigeria Shar'ia compatible products in training by? Non-Muslims will head of Islamic finance unit detailing CBN? How many women are being trained in Islamic banking? It should not be in the 21st century, our State's Constitution guarantees equal treatment for all of your resource dictionary, instead of using the Islamic banking takes off, in the Islamic tradition of public life, and potentially closed female dogs?

Why do Muslims have to qualify for the Elimination of illegal lowers the bar — need to Bank float instead of the N25 N5-N10 billion — billion other people? Why Islamic banking in Nigeria ', the ' overwhelming craving Muslims cannot raise the N25 (Lotus capital Jaiz international) is the first and only get off the ground for almost 20 years, the Islamic Bank approves billion? There are two ways to make a difference, and we are, the more difference is created.

Come clean, rather than to the CBN threw Islamic finance ' like ' Christ sludge. distribution of laundry However, he is a Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria as '' not washing; The Christian Association of Nigeria Kaduna State chapter, Bishop David, Yakubu Pam Pastor Bakare North Korea's Central; Graduate School of theology at the Seminary of the venerable Andrew Crowther or Igenoza. In the ' Apostle ' in the market (AiMP) CBN network professionals ' sort ' Christian, countless Christians, cbn contrived fluff, whose loud silence is motivated by this reverberates. compared to

Organic growth in other countries, Islamic finance, manufacturing, media hyped the Tomb instead of a top-down well that served them. Some of the top business schools in the world, such as DePaul University — the largest Catholic University in the United States — Islamic finance professionals for the next generation of Islamic finance to run a program. Instead, we used subtle advance or we will be sick of our Islamic finance when we split the apparent political goals in order to afford it. Similarly, the Nigerian Muslims ' 120 years discounts to appease the dream revival, modern banking experience, but once again worked in Nigeria, and elsewhere, and the politicization of bias here ready, zealotry woefully our usual fails because of a lack of ' popular ' policy is the root of the graveyard and dangerous.

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