Friday, July 1, 2011

Egypt: two Christian girls kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam-weasel zippers

Of course these are Muslim women kidnapped and forced to secretly Christian if we never heard the end of it would in the West Christian victims of the Government since there is a peep.

Cairo (AsiaNews) — upper Egypt's Copts continue attacks on the abduction of women and young. Last Saturday, in the village of Awlad (Suhaj, upper Egypt) collar, extremists set fire to hundreds of injured people in the Christian vol. 3. , Two young Coptic women have been kidnapped translates Islamic Minya, force.

Upper Egypt, where police and military violence against anti-often with side has become a daily event in the Muslim, a source said: from Asianews Extremist Christians, churches and homes destroyed, using any excuse to push for Muslim civilians in the area policed under the nation's ….

The power vacuum created by the Mubarak's kidnapping had increased the number of Coptic youth and young women. Hijacking at home or away, they are forced to marry Muslim men converting.

The latest case, two girls, 14-year-old and a 16-year-old Christine Nacy, disappeared on June 12 and who is included. Wearing a niqab after them, the police, and the cross tattoo on their wrists was found.

Despite complaints by their family until the end of the two surveys and are kept in the psychiatric hospital.

"Daily kidnapping and financed by Saudi Arabia Muslims forced Islamisation 25 to a new level of minors carried out by the Coptic has passed on after the January revolution" Coptic activists mark Ebeid said. It is also "greatly angered the Copts. You can now both intolerable provocation Islam over continuous fear. "

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