Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't worry, the Islam-FrontPage magazine

Good news on the horizon. Trevor Phillips, head of the equality and Human Rights Commission ' UK ' "has been their damnedest" Muslims, according to liberal democracies that are compatible with the development of Islam. And if you don't believe in him, just ask who have read the Koran every day Tony Blair, and how it is progressiveamazing.

The uproar over immigration and Islamic terrorism and forget all your worries. The future looks bright for the United Kingdom. We want the first woman from the temple drive through an abortion clinic and a local away probably the only days. Mecca was the first time in the Black Rock, and no one will ever forget the swimsuit competition to host Ramadan will be able to unite the gay pride parade led about.

The guardian, where the left is always right, Sharia courts in United Kingdom law for ensuring we Musleh Faradhi, or not to displace Charles in front of Buckingham Palace at flog as adultery. "Come to this country with little or no English, and then by their husband or relatives, but rather discriminate against women has nothing to do with Sharia tradition and culture," says a Faradhi. "This should be used as a stick to beat the Sharia Advisory Board are not."

That's when you remember the Sharia Advisory Board who stick to beat women than the other way around, things generally, except that it sounds fair enough. For some reason the Koran, but can't do the Equinox traditions and culture. Sharia Advisory Board of the habits of women under Sharia Roach cane cane will shame the beat was available. Muslims will not be turned-when it comes to fair play. Even when it is someone who sticks metaphorical. And they are all too real.

According to the United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair "marriage, attitudes towards women and governance, it's time" ahead. This claim was written in the Koran in the era of the dinosaurs is applied when the it was. And maybe even in the Koran that Cro-Magnon. education after sniff and opted for a more progressive. Daily mail or Benny Hill.

In the words of the Koran, the evolution of "one man had another excellent for women, because Allah has rights." (Quran 4: 34 pm). It's hard to argue that. At least you are a woman, under the authority of the Commission and the Sharia. Good luck with, and then Allah's theory of the evolution of sex without getting beheaded and bring enough Muslim men arguing with a stick. Or at least beaten bloody with a stick.

"Good girl is obedience," the Koran says. "They are a part of the guard of the unseen." in the Islamic world, they often include a full women's voices and their faces and invisible parts of themselves until they can be. "As for those who fear you, and exhort them to disobedience and beat them by sending off the bed."

Since a long time, "the liberal United Kingdom disavowed; woman, dog and walnut trees The harder they are the better they will be beaten, "it" girl and the dog has been welcomed back into the practice of domestic walnut tree "Palm trees and is easy to argue that beating, but once we take and how we practice by the colonists and it needs to be an excellent account of the culture of the ancient belief systems who are we to argue with a tree.

Complete the verse to beat them, "and if they obey you, nothing more against them." this is a United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Western liberal readers find so it's time to be part of its attitude toward women ahead. He was beaten by a woman, she was once a day, then you must stop her beating you adhere to. Nobility and these words, you need to touch the hearts of tolerance Germaine Greer.

You can say that the Koran women win, but it is they're on the floor cringing. speak once they keep beating This generosity, as well as women, but love all sorts of heathen. Once he has paid the Jizya, surrender, the action should not accept his role as Muslim inferior – beating him before continuing. Dhimmis had an inferior, slaves and women, may Allah; others can be so long as they obey you, not beaten.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair, why it's time for this attitude ahead of governance can be seen, you might consider. England had contacts with the bureaucracy of the person well, you're lying on the ground tend to dominate once the beat stops. the form

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