Friday, June 17, 2011

Saudi women car movement: we Islamophobia-international business times is not an excuse for

United States media Saudi women's movement long Saudi law, banning women from driving to the revocation in religion and culture conflating should be careful about.

Saudi fatwa ­ ­-, or religious edict-getting behind the wheel at car women activists Manal Al-Sharif as banning women in Islam and its role in the [NULL] is about a very bold statement page , and today "brave woman drives car ban them religion to take on." entitled stir publishing

Article included in Google News on the subject were among the most popular.

It's her article while the author notes that "cultural beliefs held [women] wheel, you will not be able to get behind" this title conflates religion and culture.

It prohibits women from driving to many Islam and Islamic theological society are aware of this. Qur'an or Islam holy text later Saudi edict can prove there is no evidence.

Mohammed, Islam's last Prophet's time had no car. And nothing Islamic law car graces for the Protocol.

In addition, Saudi Arabia banned women from driving the Islamic country.

The Middle East, and Manal Al Sharif after his democracy movement non-Muslims in the West of this democracy, women's rights and can do without Western intervention in the Middle East.

This is the refer-a-good time of the spring international community Arab eternal unrest [NULL] are worried about the Arab world for the democratization of Arab and Muslim world for good: the West and the United States women's rights or democracy, not a monopoly. Reply-the West is this title like the Islamic women's rights in the comments about the pose that monopoly re-emphasizes-traditionally women's rights and to the West and Islamophobia, as opposed to the crackdown on the democracy movement in women's rights advocates Nawal El-Saadawi women in the Arab world's hidden face of Eve she wrote in the preface of the classical extreme.

In Washington, d.c. women can actually comment issues and solidarity indigenous movement, but senselessly bash Saudi Arabia Embassy drive around Arab Islam and Muslim women, on their own terms what Manal Al-Slavic House stands on the right to take a stand against.

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