Saturday, July 2, 2011 (blog) about five Saudi women arrested

At least two weeks before took to the streets by the Saudi Arabian women driving 42 diverse cities. Saudi Arabia bans women from driving while the law is written, or high-ranking clergy with the strict Sunni Islamic fatwa women, Wahhabism, and then issuing a religious edict to do so in the brand are prohibited. Women are banned from driving in other cities of Riyadh and ignored since. But on Tuesday, five women were detained in the Red Sea coast city of Jeddah as they drove a rights activist according to Eman Al-Nafjan.

According to the New York Times, four women were riding in a car at the age of 21-22. Religion is being arrested by the police, they Manal Al-Sharifwas taken to a police station, Saudi women chose jail whose arrest signed a pledge drive again as sparking the overthrow of the driving prohibition campaign and talk to a reporter before she again drives or forced to sign the pledge.

The fifth woman in the neighborhood of Suleimaniyah individually, were arrested Tuesday night while driving.

Nafjian guardiansaid:

"This is like the first big pushback from the Agency. We are not sure what this is doing at a time when the campaign started by the Government for more lines

Women's right activist, "informal Union major Saudi the New York Times " bloggers and academics, is explained by "these arrests in Saudi Arabia women are about driving our most basic human rights will encourage this ridiculous abuse in direct defiance of more women behind the wheel." citing Tunisia, Egypt and other inspiration, was a revolution for driving high levels of Saudi women "backups" and we called the Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in the West and other women leaders have indicated their support for the campaign in Europe in fact.

However, Clinton's support for the campaign's put her in position and "delicate" Saudi Arabia is a close u.s. ally with the Obama administration, the United States amid a revolt took place throughout the Arab world "stability and continuity to the Middle East and Gulf, the Saudi authorities to provide more and more dependent on Saudi women drivers that Clintons.", "acting in his own right in favour of an outsider like myself, and instead of" questions to occur again: How far, or to protect the interests of its own maneuvering while in Arab countries will stick out of the neck to support the democracy movement United States?

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