Friday, July 8, 2011

Radicalization in the United States-Washington Post (blog) on Muslims:

Sarah Sarah Kajani, 23, Kajani social media consultant in Atlanta, is an American-Muslim radicalization. "are too far apart," he said.

"It is a part of the discussion, it is usually caused by non-Muslims. Either way, they believe, or the actions of the Islamic radicals if the [NULL] say about what you need to practice, such Muslims or bin Laden? How do I can in their behavior? But the moment the fact that all religious radicals continued to raise. I believe that the United States, due to the conflicts of civilization, Islam [ic] radicalization within just what is the clash of ignorance or overexposed, want to believe. "

Pose a challenge for Muslims in the United States in the current climate of intense Kajani said:

"You can always hold your identity or Muslim community in the United States to stand up for what you believe the community is.

Bin Laden's death-on the one hand I wanted to celebrate, we take the mean has been said and found one for so long chasing and finally killed, but at the same time, all this people, this is what Islam really gave me the opportunity to educate the world. I mean, of course, we still get people immediately judge us airport pestered. But now we really have hope of spreading the true message of Islam, and hopefully the clash of ignorance. "at the same time, hopes to break the Muslim community pressure. It's a delicate situation. I must clearly Muslim Americans would define the dichotomy to this challenging live is hard to believe. "

Or Sibaai, 45 Sibaai Donna, Wichita, United States Muslim women Association, real estate.

Sibaai in which she talks about her everyday with children what it means to be Muslim in the United States.

"I'm proud of what they want and comfortable they are. United States-Arab children to Islam of Muslims United States bias or stereotypes have been exposed to the Mall. I now understand what it's like a minority in the United States first-hand. Our leaders and. .. Other people don't feel affected by the ability to talk a lot about the [NULL]

We fear any kind of radicalism and the ignorance and the pursuit of power and control of the tools used by people who often breeding is, in fact, historical events, talk about the [NULL]. My children have had the opportunity to travel extensively outside the United States because they are not Muslims and Islam in the media images and radical Muslims they met hundreds of one here and abroad throughout their lives, people who believe all sorts of radical ideology espoused violence or leads to the problem, you must find it to promote the opposite in fact. "

United States is the subject of Islam, she said the climate of strength, "climbing up the hill over and over again like that."There is nothing foreign about "seems to be an all time high in the investigation. Now were once politically incorrect, and seems to be tolerated but even famous. Even politicians will not anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim platform, little knowledge or facts about the relationship and their campaigns to run. "

Namira Namira Islamic, Ann Arbor, MI Islam at 23-year-old law student, there is no consensus about what role the United States among Muslims, they had to play in countering radicalization, "in addition to condemning the radicalization: ' we. ' some people are trying to live their lives as they just why it while other people think they have to cope with the negative stereotypes of Muslims, there are some obligations that would be their responsibility. Either way, it is a difficult task to take on and more people join the American Islamic radicalization and how to counteract it would. I have the victims and their families worry about the (too many Muslim non-Muslims). I am an innocent man killing people and don't worry about the [NULL]. God will punish them for disobeying. "

S. L. Anisah David, 49, Anisah David Bushnell, S in the City Council woman and community advocate.

Muslim Americans of European-Americans and Hispanic Americans growing up in the Midwest United States as the background for our fellow Americans at home in the rural areas, ethnicity, or by our lifestyle they own identity would have enough questions about: we knew about all the Islamic and ethnic cultural identity [NULL] talking about the difference between the stereotypes. We are not Arabs, and we are not Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and we are not, and we are Sudan, we United States ... the Indonesian language. We are prisoners of war went to cultural events and historical Re-enactments Arts Festival Wows; but they are always within the framework of our religious identity and moral code, attended the event

I like my father years ago, is back in Colorado-although he was Lutheran with my children, such as my own Ranch, and he was a big pain in the philosophy of sharing diversity exposure. "

David religious radicalization of Muslims but not to worry her.

"Running up a large percentage of radicalization in the country or to the majority of Americans are worried about."Cell "rather than" Muslim population, but exists in the larger population of Americans. The promotion of hate speech and violence is scary how few before the second world war and the Nazis: "moderate" American and European approach to propel their hatred towards the Jews living was lost the fight to stop it before it reminds me of the leaders. "

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