Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saudi women ' sexy eyes ' public-Digitaljournal.com will cover them in the

 "Sexy eyes" Saudi women soon will cover them in a public place. Saudi Arabia, the Government is engaging in a public place without the woman's "temptation eyes" in Saudi Arabia that men would do well. Riyadh-Saudi Arabia's "Orwellian" Committee of promotion of virtue and Vice, this "preventive Sheikh Motlab Al Nabet and sexy eyes" in a public place with the women's law, so that you can offer them cover must be announced to be considered for. The daily beast

report of the Commission, which said: "men to Nabet in their eyes, especially the enticing people ... Would interfere with the force women to cover, then [We].
"The right to do already, in Saudi Arabia women are required to by law." "" long black abaya robes called "feet to the head of the women wear Abaya, almost all parts of the body of the covers. A little slit-like space, she is in the public eye-to-left so that you can see the woman. "Abaya" will appear in public without penalties and public whipping punishment for women dare Saudi. But now, even this small Kingdom of godly men required allowance vision of Saudi Arabia seems to attack. The daily mailaccording to the women have to cover their eyes came after he offered too in a public place is pure promotion of virtue and prevention of Vice President, walked the streets for the Council's "sexy eyes" and women members of the pious, the tricks of the decline. According to men's eyes the fascinating story of the eye to the corruption in the direction of women when husbands were attacked. With an eye to fight after straying hands was stabbed twice. The promotion of virtue and prevention of Vice, founded in 1940 for the Saudi Arabia Council of Saudi society morals watchdog. It's in accordance with the law society, the morality of the nose is to keep a strict rule. BollywoodIslamic morality, according to the Commission's zeal for it because the month of Ramadan in the fire at the school allowed the evacuation of the women refused. The Holy months in the sight of women dressed "immodestly" men and women to expose the body can cause your sins eying lustfully. It is the women's Committee on their evacuation from building killing 15 seduce men without them the best way to go, while considered a fire claimed after the delay. Bollywood in accordance with the Committee, also said a ban on women driving is responsible for. A woman in Saudi Arabia travel without the approval of the husband or male guardian is not allowed. Girl girl in September, driving bans for violations was sentenced to 10 lashes, but was spared when Abdullah would be willing to intervene. The daily beastin accordance with the Committee on the promotion of virtue and Vice, "sexy eyes" prevention law did not provide a definition of the Saudi Arabia
guess try to be brave journalist: "caught without makeup makeup look good or beautiful eyes., if women's issues.
But will be "legal" definition of sexy eyes "after taking the issue to provide journalists
Saudi Arabia: come to the conclusion that" it is so stupid ...I'm not sure what to say. They were to stop this. Many people will oppose this in the country.
They are not silent. "Stupid? Apparently the Saudi State, don't think so. The promotion of virtue and the daily beastevils prevention, the Commission, depending on the country's full support. Recently, Prince Naif Saudi throne Council by virtue of
and State support promise: "Council extolled ... Is supported by all sides, so the pillars in Islam must be supported. If
you're Muslim, you need to support the Committee. "King Abdullah, the Commission, gave an extra 200 million Rial is satisfied with work recently ($ 53 million) to promote better allow it to avoid the obligations of virtue and Vice. How much it will take a thousand years ... The direction of the Saudi authorities of the other strange human evolution and execution of them? Oh good Lord, now there is ' sexy ' police? How the heck does one get from ' considered ' sexy-eyed women? We the scarlet letter, or at least did not progress in Saudi Arabia, it seems! ? ?...This gives you an idiot. The following is an invisible chastity? This talent. Believe me this is going to be completely public in Saudi Arabia as the Taliban prohibited women from appearing in the when to when they will govern Afghanistan for 90. Solution: uni-brow serious answer to growth: the United States for Iraq's sexist and a great deal to say anything about this.

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