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Turkey: Islam in the Muslim spark controversy from women's magazines-Eurasianet and the role of fashion

New Turkish headscarf-clad model on the cover of fashion magazines, featured in Central Istanbul and the woman sitting outside the mosque as hopes to attract sophisticated Muslim women. "L Â â" hit clothing has to offer on the shelves in July 2011, Muslim designers and women entrepreneurs, interview advice, travel tips and reports (photo: Jonathan Lewis)

The first Turkish women's magazine â Â l, Turkey on its cover in the Islamic headscarf in the most controversial pieces of fabric, by inserting a notice in the summer of 2011. Four months later, similar to the Turkish secular and Islamic fashion and traditional Muslims still debate: can coexist comfortably?

Agency Account Executive, and Volkan Mehmet Atay â Â l Birer Burak (beautiful life styles), select the target Turkey's clothing advice monthly and observant Muslim women's increase is the brainchild of ad, the Muslim designers, and business travel tips and feature stories and interviews. Since the first edition hit newsstands in July, and widely reported by Turkish media already in vogue and Elle had surpassed the sales of 40,000 copies of the ship, its circulation.

But Islam is not a fad as tags. Â Â l Art Director, the concept of Islamic fashion Esra Sezis women modestly covering their bodies of Islamic ideas contradictory claims. "[The magazine] is meant only for women-conservative, to help guide them where they can combine what clothes, '" Sezis Turkish daily Sabah and August 20, said in an interview. "[I] could not be a short, there are Islamic fashion; N just details. "

Online social media forum, critics nevertheless argued that the glossy, high-end monthly "that the idea of a modest Muslim dress" to try and convert a prototype of a veiled woman reading Vogue-fashion victims spend thrift; Contrary to the Islamic ideology concept. Magazine photos in a professional model and Islamic clothing is characterised by regular readers.

"To try and squeeze into the modest Islamic dress fashion patterns in the Western lifestyle is absurd as trying to squeeze Islam", the reporter writes monthly in the magazine Genç Aysegül Genç. "If you already have to contribute to the ongoing degeneration of this magazine and I would like to minimalize the damage will occur, and it's a veiled girl with nature, as long as the answer to the question of how it is to find a beautiful and how to be a veiled girl thinking."

  l talk about the content of the editor refused to debate

However, Chief Executive Officer of Tekbir Giyim Turkey's largest textile company entirely veiled women cooking is one of the first argument, and fashion to configure the hidden model in fashion shows and Islam are mutually exclusive in 1992.

"Our religion and the Quran instructs modest dress, and how you need to take care of any part of the body. But that's only constant: design and patterns change and evolution, and these changes will remain in the religious rules, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, "Mustafa Karaduman commented.

Whether or not, strictly speaking, fashion cover, found the market â Â l appears. Magazine follower of more than 90,000 Facebook command and in Western Europe, in Germany too Turkish Edition was launched to cater for the reader.

Who wear the Islamic head coverings and 15,000 Turkish woman magazine run by a pre-launch survey, the magazine found that "[t] he biggest problem for women in conservative Islamic textile producers and the absence of communication between their audience," said Volkan Mehmet Atay Turkish daily Radikal. "They said: ' why no one does get touch with us? '"

Turkish Islamic clothing stores such as the Istanbul Metro, but their numbers in the dotted the neighborhood; Follow very different. A more conservative, such as the Fatih district of Istanbul, for example, Islam provides a variety of boutique for women, but non-Islamic-oriented clothing stores easily dominates elsewhere.

Atay underline, however, Islamic apparel market is not an island unto itself. The interview covered women to sell only see most Islamic clothing in stores do not like shopping. Young women, in particular, prefer to mix and match, he said.

  l of Mustafa Karaduman Tekbir Giyim pursued by his answer to the demand for the company. "In our interview with Designer â  l. We are not in line with the rules they are religious, as long as the young veiled women to appeal to the opposite on the design of the clothes. "

Now, picking up on some non-Islamic clothing company, claimed the trend indicator Atay. "Islamic clothing outside of the textile company began to ask for the report. They design items that meet the public, "Radikal said to women. "They no longer veiled women, a large group of potential customers are all understanding can not be ignored." Atay was the name of the company was not provided.

Turkish Islamic gender studies expert, Feyza Akinerdem  l is far from fashionable clothing â agree. The most notable for publishing what the "self-esteem" a veiled young woman featured on the page, she blogs, Turkey-related issues in the field in the journal of Erkan commented.

"Posing for magazines, women's consumer culture to embrace their eyes if I did not see on the street in the ' other ' than the other, the terrible feeling of" Akinerdem wrote.

  admittedly, that was mission accomplished for l.

Constanze Letsch is a freelance writer based in Istanbul.

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