Monday, November 21, 2011

Political parties and women 's-Islamic Republic of Pakistan observer

The teachings of Islam, the prestigious social status on women, but her life is so miserable that can t be beared made dirty indigenous customs. Also, illiteracy and poverty, the society feudal in the installation also play women from every walk of life is getting its share due to the blockade on the central role in the current Government is discouraging this situation the Central Legislative Assembly passed Bill Anti-Women practices to positive initiatives. I think, the Government inherited properties are excluded from the transfer rates to be sent to the women would need to move forward step by announcing. All of our political party's manifesto for women in many of the ameliorative scheme but practically do nothing.

The Legislative Assembly for the province and the only political parties and women's 1/3 (1/3) party ticket reservation, you must play their role. The entire society is responsible for controlling the ailing condition of women and the full cooperation of society, but you can change the situation.


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