Monday, November 21, 2011

Women-only swimming time is something that not all Muslims-Baltimore Sun

While Howard County resident for the past 31 years since Iran fled to the Islamic rule. Most Christian countries in the United States, I am choosing to live in the separation of Government — Federal, State, or local will come to know — from religion, whether Christian, Judaism, Islam, or the other.

Columbia Association of new twice-weekly, a women-only swimming time , a member of the Columbia is Aquatics Centre, discrimination. "Women-only" swimming in the area is a violation of the rules of our Constitution. This mosque and was pursued by certain Islamic culture and Muslim women.

Islam in the United States as the United States women's migration this community and others refrain from applying the rules of their religion to live within the parameters would believe.

Columbia Association of Muslim women and the silent majority has for years without problems, and use of its facilities to ignore him, this special Islamic sect that by taking action and other discrimination against Muslim women.

Manda Zand Ervin


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