Monday, November 21, 2011

Wilkes Barre times-leader, while tailgating-1 dies

Yale Harvard game Saturday before a sudden acceleration tailgating areas, seriously 30-year-old Massachusetts woman struck and injured another two women holding a beer kegs through u-haul truck drivers, police said.

It is clear why the driver sped up, said Police spokesman David Hartford New Haven. Trucks are the following in the open Stadium at Yale New Haven home game before the pre-game tailgating party at U-Haul van used by many others.

Hart said the driver was in police custody.

Yale New Haven Hospital women live at 10: 15 am, was pronounced dead about, he said. Police did not immediately reveal her identity.

The second largest city in Alaska, but few residents expected to cold weather early in the season record cold.

Sean Ross has lived his entire life in Fairbanks, and a few people had a severe cold snap-in in the middle of this preparation.

Fairbanks Daily News Miner reported Thursday set a record low temperature for new Fairbanks. At temperatures of 41 degrees below zero at 6: 29 am Fairbanks International Airport recorded in

The national weather service in Fairbanks in 1969 under the previous record set in the bankruptcy of the 39.

Built on the birthplace of the religion of Voodoo in Benin in Africa on Saturday in the Cathedral, Pope Benedict XVI explains the role of Catholic Church on the continent and the papers of African Catholics to address and help the chronic war that interact with the aboriginal practices.

The Pope is bringing the message of Africa first coastal town church among Catholics who brought in the country with the Voodoo, Christianity and Islam are considered the cradle of religious missionaries in Benin by the practitioner has evolved from religion.

Ap reporter in the scope of the death of actress Natalie Wood Walken accidentally caused by leading news cooperation to include comments for yourself, learn Christopher Walken sports talk radio program on Friday of the impersonator mistaken.

AP corrects story on after hours and uses the wrong information, members said.

ESPN 980, Washington-based radio station, Walken impersonator appears weekly humor segment for sports-related topics notice the AP to discuss. Walken has a distinctive, staccato style of speaking.

On November 29, 1981, when the actress drowning her husband, actor Robert Walken wood and Wagner, and had to share a yacht.

Friday's joint appearance, while Kevin Sheehan impersonator mark Stern trees and asked about the case. Stern, Walken, most said: "we had a lot of drinking that night had to swallow.. Sound. And then there was the tragedy. And that's all I can remember. "

Walken impersonator added he was "one of the Hardy Boys novels" learn after reading the dead wood bed awoke.

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